The fresh start VS the frustration

Imagine writing a blog for 5 years and after a few months of not posting, then going to post and having a message appear on your screen “this email and password are invalid”…

I couldn’t believe it! I had so much confusion and frustration with the situation as I have never changed the email and password for my old account, I tried every password and email I could possibly have. Even my back up email wouldn’t work. I have no clue why this happened and don’t get me wrong it has drove me slightly insane as to why it happened… BUT there is a positive!

Even though I had wrote about 50+ blogs I look back and for the first few years of my blog I was 14 and 15… So, (I’m not going to lie) I didn’t really have to best punctuality or grammar. With my password and email not working it does kind of give me a fresh start, which isn’t all that bad. I’m now in a completely different world really, my situation in life is different and what I do and how I see things in life could be more interesting.

Here’s a link to my old blog account. Feel free and have a read a let me know in the comments what you thought of my old style of blogging, the layout, design, types of blogs…

I can’t wait to start writing again and to share all of the ideas that I have this time round 🙂

L x

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