Rushden Lakes adventures

Not so recently built anymore – Rushden Lakes. One of my new favourites shopping destinations.

Something I didn’t know about Rushden Lakes was that there is a nature trail on the opposite side of the shops! I have obviously had my head stuck on the shops side and not opened my eyes to see the signs of the nature walks. Haha, shopaholic alert!

As soon as I found this out I had to go out with my camera and the dog, and see what its like 🙂

Autumnal vibes are really starting to come through now. Autumn is my favourite time of the year, all of the warm colours that run through photos and everyday life are gorgeous!

My boyfriend, my dog and I decided to invite a few people to come along as most of K’s family own a dog. So we thought it would be lovely to get all the dogs together so they can meet each other.

Meet K’s sweet family dog Ronnie!


Meet K’s Aunts gorgeous little doggo Ted!


If you have read my previous adventure blog then you will know that my boyfriend is the more childish one out of us both when it comes to climbing frames and play grounds…

As you walk through the forest there are little diverted paths which lead to fun climbing frames. As you can see in some of the photos K just had to go on every one 😀

It makes me so happy to have days like this where I’m out with friends and family, enjoying the fresh air and making memories 🙂

L x


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