A slightly delayed, October favourites 🍁 & Halloween shoots 🎃 

As I’m writing this it’s Tuesday 7th of November, so I admit it’s now a week late for this post… but I have my reasons! Unfortunately my boyfriend was in hospital last week, so my week ended up being full of trips to Leicester to see him every day. K is doing amazing now and everything is ok! And I’m still posting, just a week delayed haha!

Anyway, lets carry on with what was meant to be last weeks blog 😊
October is one of my favourite months! Autumn finally comes to life, gorgeous colours appear in everything, hoodies are pulled out from under my bed to replace belly tops… and of course HALLOWEEN 👻

Let’s start with a few of my October favourites 😊

  • Now I’m not going to point out the obvious, but… obviously the fact that it’s now AUTUMN! I wasn’t too sure if I was going to include this as one of my favourites, but I thought about it and realised that it is a general favourite of mine. October is when autumn really starts to show here in England, so it was a must to include it in my favourites this month.
  • Products: Focusing on skin care, I have really been loving ‘Garnier SkinActive, charcoal anti-blackhead’. This magical face wash is really doing justice for my skin and is honestly helping so much with keeping it clear. Touch wood! I use it morning and night so that I can start the day and end the day with that refreshing and clean feel.
  • I’ll admit I use social media every day, I mean who doesn’t now’a days… Throughout October my favourite social media has 100% been Pinterest as I have been off work for a couple of weeks, my creative mind had been in overload and Pinterest defo really helped and inspired me with DIY ideas and organisation tips. I’ve recently had my room completely re-decorated and most of the final result is a thanks to Pinterest.

Halloween is such an exciting time of year, pumpkin carving, trick or treating, toffee apple making, costume designing…

My boyfriend and I decided to get a couple of pumpkins and do some carving! After a while of looking through pinterest I decided I wanted to get creative with using a drill, and K decided he wanted to design a monster sort of thing. Haha.

Here are the designs before we started cutting into them.

And now the final masterpieces…


We are pretty proud with the outcome of both of the pumpkins. What do you think of them? K has now taken them into work for a competition, so I will keep you guys updated with the winner result 😀

After we carved the pumpkins my mum came home with even more pumpkins. I just had to do a photoshoot of them! You’ll see why below…

Look at all the different colours, shapes, patterns… Just like us humans, pumpkins come in all different shapes and sizes and there is nothing wrong with that!

L x

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