A little chat & bunny cuteness

Wake up, work, sleep, REPEAT. I’ve felt like a robot!

The past month has been crazy… the last few terms at work have been difficult with it being the end of the year and not having a full team… especially the build up to service. But everyone has really started to work together and as a team to help get all the jobs done. I mean, it’s not all been that bad, since I have been back everything has been so different (in a good way), all of us girls had a right giggle and a good chat when we could, and we got great results with our food too. I would also say that I really started enjoying my cake decorating part of the day again, as I’m getting more creative with Christmas cake decorating ideas. I can’t believe how quick the term went by πŸ˜€

I have been so gutted and disappointed every week when I haven’t been able to post any blogs 😦 I have pretty much been a robot, working 6:30am till around 4-5pm… It has been difficult but at the end of the day I got extra things done and earned myself a few extra pounds which is defo needed this time of year! So I’m not complaining πŸ˜‰

The other day I got my lil’bunny out and took him in the garden with his cute little lead on and tried to take some autumnal bunny shots. The photos didn’t turn out as autumnal as I wanted.. as you can tell my bunny wasn’t very good at sitting still, he was quite excited to be out on his own little adventure… I only got one of him actually sitting, and a couple odd ones too of course.

I promise in the New Years I am going to try a lot harder to make time for blogging ☺️ K is gradually getting more and more better & back on his feet every day, cracking on with “normal” life bits and bobs… so next year we will start going on adventures again, which means bringing my camera out a lot more too!

I also have some quite exciting news… I’ve BOOKED MY DRIVING TEST 😬 AHH! If I’m totally honest I never thought the day would come where I book my test. I’ve had a couple challenges with driving instructors and road confidence in general, so building myself up enough to actually go and book it… I am pretty proud of! Breaking through that wall of anxiety I had built up in my mind for so long with driving, is finally starting to come down. Unfortunately for you, the date of my test is a secret so I won’t be mentioning that… but what I will tell you is that it is pretty early next year.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and have an even better new years!

L x


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