Hello 2018!

*00:00, 31.12.17-01.01.18 = turns the page to a new chapter of my life*


Hello 2018, hello you!

2017 was a good one 😀 I cut many things out of my life that I realised I didn’t need any more, and I also gained many more things which have turned my life upside down! (in the best way possible)

My main highlights from 2017:

  • At the beginning of the year I left my old job and started my new job of being a baker… it may be stressful at times, but hay, what job isn’t? It has taught me so much and really grown my passion for working in a kitchen.
  • My boyfriend K finally asked me out! I couldn’t be happier ❤
  • With birthdays and other celebrations, 2017 was my first year of earning a solid wage where I have been able to buy really lovely and personal presents for my family and friends by myself.
  • I finally broke down the wall of anxiety and passed my theory, started my driving lessons ANDDD booked my driving test for next year! Eeekk
  • More of a personal “thing” for me is that I have started building that spark of self-confidence back in my life!
  • I went on many camping holidays and created amazing memories with K that I can always look back on.

Here are a few of my fave photos from the camping holidays 🙂

Right, let’s talk about ‘New Years resolutions’. I know, I knowww… the majority of people always say that they are going to keep committed with their new years resolutions and then a few days, weeks or even months down the life they don’t. And I’m not going to lie, I have been one of those people before in my life… To prove it I didn’t even make a new years resolution for 2017! How bad is that..? BUT, for 2018 there is a few things that I am going to class as my new years resolutions;

  • Be happy and keep happy 😀 I know life can throw some unfair rubbish into life sometimes, but right now in my life there is so much to be happy about and enjoy.


  • Positivity is key! Dealing with anxiety can be challenging for me at times, and it can knock a lot of positivity out of my life… So I want to keep focused on the positives and keep my chin up a lot more through whatever comes my way.

They are my main resolutions for 2018! What’s yours?

L x

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