2018 Goals & missing photos, found!

This year, I thought I’d set my self some goals.

New goals, maybe quite small goals… but goals for me to achieve and look back on this time next year ☺️

Goal 1- PASSING MY DRIVING TEST! I’ve always been so negative about learning to drive, but in 2017 I finally grew the balls to pass my theory, find an instructor who understood me and book my test for 2018.

Goal 2- 1 year anniversary ❤. I haven’t had the best luck with boys in the past, but K changed that for me and I can’t wait to spend our one year anniversary together.

Goal 3-  Staying put in my job. When I left college and education I had to kind of force myself into whatever job was available for my age at the time (16), but at that age I was on the lowest wage doing an apprenticeship which wasn’t inspirational, and I wasn’t learning or gaining anything… I was just a tea maker if I’m honest and I’m not one who likes to sit around twiddling my fingers. I crave learning new skills and keeping busy, I get that from both my parents. So this year I want to celebrate a 1 year anniversary in the same job and carry on after that too, haha 😀

I never really kept a solid job at the age of 16 because I knew I could handle more and achieve more with the skills I already had… apprenticeships just weren’t for me, and there was no way I was going back to college after the unfortunate experience that I had. After many interviews I finally got offered to start working in school kitchen as a baker, and that’s what I’m still doing now – 11 months later! I’m quite proud of myself… my job can bring me right out of my comfort zone, push me to my limit and more… but at the end of the day, I’ve brought a smile and a full tummy of sweet cake to the students. I admit the job can be tough at times but I really do have a passion for baking, which keeps me going. I got A*’s in foodtech lessons at school and my parents have always been in the catering industry. So I think baking was just meant for me 🙂

Goal 3- Beating my own challenges. Everyone has their own challenges in life, due to circumstances that they face. The last 2-3 years have been my hardest years in life so far and I have been in situations I never wish to be in again, and they have caused me to deal with anxiety amongst other things, and it has been quite difficult. In 2017 my life got turned upside down with relationships, working and earning, family and friends… and coming out of 2017 I would 100% say that I am a completely different but better person than I was a couple of years ago! I still have a few of my own challenges to beat and I’m sure when I look back on 2018 next year I will be shook by myself with what I have accomplished by then.

Goal 4- Self confidence. Myself and K have decided that this goal, we will share. Quite a while ago now K had to quit going to the gym as he had an issue with his heart (I’m not going to go into detail about everything…) and he was told he wouldn’t be able to keep going gym, playing football, anything that basically made his heart work its butt off. November 1st 2017 K  had an operation which has truly changed his life completely! It was SO successful and he is healing amazingly, and he will be able to join the gym again in a couple months when his physio is finished. I will also be joining the gym with him as we both need more self confidence in our lives, and I know we will keep each other going and push and support one another 😀

They are my four main goals for this year. What’s yours?

During the month of December it actually snowed here in England! Snow? What? In England? I KNOWWW… I couldn’t believe it and of course had to get my camera out and take some photos. I had a whole blog draft written up about the snow situation in England… went to insert some of the photos, to find out they were missing 😦 So I had to put that blog aside. But that’s not the end of the story…

For Christmas I got a new laptop which meant I needed to go through my old laptops files and the hand drive storage. I was so happy to come across the snow photos! So I thought I would include them here 🙂

I hope you are all having a great 2018 so far!?

L x


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