A Valentines to remember & The ‘L’ plates are off!

14.02.2018 – A Valentine’s to remember, for sureeee! I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!

It’s been a couple weeks since I passed, and I still can’t believe I can drive where ever I want to, at any time ALL by myself..!

Learning to drive was a tornado of emotions. If I’m totally honest I never thought I would be sitting here writing a blog about passing and having my own little car on the road.

I was on and off with two different instructors for about half a year for many reasons; I didn’t feel comfortable enough, they didn’t seem to understand how my brain works, how I personally learn best… it was difficult, and I ended up giving up for a few months to give my anxiety a break.

As I can probably say for everyone, learning to drive it’s nerve triggering at first. And finding the right instructor is very important, especially for me as I needed someone who understood clearly that, I have anxiety and might need to go over things more than just once or twice and that I can panic in the most silly situations… Luckily my boyfriends dad is a driving instructor, and as I’m quite close to him (since I’m dating his son of course), he understood me more than any of the previous instructors that I had, and insisted on showing me that I can drive.

Al was an amazing instructor, he really saw potential in me and pushed me every lesson to reach the lesson goal and more 🙂 My instructor before Al took me onto a main road on just my third lesson! which led to me loosing all the confidence and positivity that I had. Dealing with anxiety and mind over taking nerves, some lessons I really did struggle with and it would cause me to have a mini breakdown to K… but that didn’t destroy the confidence I had, no matter how small it seemed at the time. K would always bring me back to a calm level and my mind set would have an even bigger goal with passing.

Many, many lessons later in December 2017 I decided to book my driving test… This was such a big jump to take and once the confirmation email came through, ohh my, it sunk in that I only had like 2 months to go.

Before I knew it, I was sitting in my learner car, next to an examiner/stranger… on my test, on Valentines day… 40 minutes and a lot of anxiety later I PASSED! I couldn’t believe it, it was such a relief when the examiner told me, I ended up bursting out in tears. Happy tears obviously 😆

Valentines didn’t just end there though… I arrived home about 2ish in the afternoon to my mum and K waiting for the news. As soon as the front door opened I screamed “I DID IT!!!”, then all of us ended up in happy tears.

One of the best reactions was my dads.. he was working so I called him up, trying to hold in my excitement but ended up bursting out “I PASSED DAD!” He was so proud of me, crying, shouting ‘proud father’ words down the phone, laughing with joy and excitement… He arrived home shortly after with a balloon, a cute slate with a quote saying “only ever look back to see how far you’ve come”, a bottle of prosecco and a card that I will treasure forever.


I went up stairs to my room to find a bunch of flowers, a card, a range of my fave chocolates, gorgeous photo memory frame and a cute little box with a sweet belly bar in it. And to end the night, K took me on a lovely date! ❤️

My valentines couldn’t have gone any better. How did your’s go?

L x

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