Falling in love everyday for 365 days!

07.03.2018 – Our one year anniversary ❤

What a year it has been for K and I. Challenges have been thrown at us, but nothing that we couldn’t handle together!

Our year in a nutshell:

  • Experiencing things outside of the comfort zone.
  • Being each others ‘go to‘ & best friend.
  • My mums wise words about true love have always simply been… “you’ll know, when you know” and that has always stuck in my head. With relationships I would always try and end up making mistakes, but with K I didn’t have to try… everything just happened and before my eyes it hit me and I finally realised what my mum mean’t the whole time.
  • Putting all of my trust in someone.
  • Countless hospital appointments.
  • K’s heart op. This changed so much for everyone and created a new chapter for K.
  • My first valentines.

The past year with K has honestly been so amazing and it has gone so quick, I couldn’t be anymore happier with anyone else!

Our 1 year anniversary faves

I can’t wait for the many, many adventures to share with you!

L x


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