What does Easter mean to you?

To me it means a day of chocolate egg hunting, a gorgeous spring walk, homemade Easter treats and a scrummy Sunday dinner.

As the kid that I am at 18, I still wanted to do an Easter egg hunt 🙂 But not just any egg hunt… we stepped it up a level. We didn’t just count down from 3 and run around looking for chocolate eggs, we was given riddles which the answers would lead us to a Easter treat and a new riddle. It was great fun and a wonderful idea for us to still keep the Easter spirit going!

For 17 years my parents have always brought me an Easter egg and not really done anything for themselves… As this is the first proper Easter where I have had a baking job for over a year now, and earned my way quite a bit… I thought it would be a lovely idea to buy my parents there own chocolate egg, but to also bake them something delicious for dessert! I decided to make them (in the theme of Easter), a mini-egg cheeses cake 😀

What a lovely way to finish of dinner! Everyone enjoyed dessert and wanted another slice, what a result!

What did you get up to this Easter?

L x


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