Irchester walk & organisation madness!

You can never go wrong with going on an adventure!

If you know me and you’ve read my blogs before, then you’ll know that I go on many adventures as often as I can. The fresh air, cute dogs, photo opportunities… I could never say no.

The other day K said to me “fancy going Irchester today?” and of courseeee I said yes! I grabbed my camera, spare battery, the dog, jumped in the car and headed over to Irchester Country Park šŸ˜€

K was really in the adventure spirit, running around with Treacle, finding the largest sticks he could find and insisted on me taking a photo of him… This was my favourite photo I got of K!


Treacle defo enjoyed herself, roaming about, sniffing everything out…


There was so many rabbit holes spotted around the fields, and little pine twigs here and there which I obviously had to take a photos of.

As a photographer and ‘adventurerer’ (if that’s even a word haha!?) I totally had to take a photo looking down at my shoes on the forest floor šŸ™‚


After an adventurous afternoon I came home and had the urge to have a good old clear out… A massive wave of organisation madness came over me and a couple hours later, my room was completely organised to the T! I’m not too sure how long it will stay this organised, but after Easter and a month of birthdays my room defo needed a good sort šŸ™‚

Do you ever get the urge to do this? or is it just me?!

Now that I have a desk to actually work on, I have been able to write my blog ideas down šŸ™‚ One of them being a room tour or maybe organisation tips… something along those lines anyway. Is that something you would be interested in? Let me know!

L x



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