A night in Hunstanton

“and the best girlfriend award goes too…”

I’ve not always been great at surprises but for once a surprise actually went to plan!

For mine and K’s one year anniversary I really wanted to take K away somewhere for the night, have a meal out… But unfortunately the timing was wrong 😦 March is such a hectic birthday month for my family. We’ve got my mums, aunties and nans birthday’s in the same months, plus our anniversary now too. So its defo a month of sharing out the love!

I’ve been waiting for the next break off work to surprise K with a night away somewhere. After spending a couple nights researching different hotels and things to do in different places… I finally decided on a hotel in Hunstanton – The Golden Lion Hotel 😀 This is quite a popular destination full of memories from visiting there before with K, so it was such a personal & thoughtful places to book a night in.

We have had the plan of going to Hunstanton for just the day for a few weeks, that’s all that K knew was happening. But little did he know I had also booked a hotel a few weeks ago too! I had many ideas on how to tell K;

  1. Secretly pop over to his house while he is at work and grab a few over night things, and then the morning we leave to go Hunstanton for “the day”, I was going to ask him to get something out of the boot… where he would find the suitcase and a print out of the booking confirmation.                                                                                                                                                           OR
  2. Telling K the night before and asking him to choose a couple outfits as we are staying “somewhere” over night, but not telling him where… and giving him the chance to chose what he wants to take and leaving him intrigued.

I decided to go with plan 2!

After a long’ish journey to Sunny Hunny with “who can spot the sea first”, eye spy with my little eye games and getting a tiny bit lost… we finally made it to the hotel! K was so happy with the surprise and he loved my choice of hotel. Every time we visit Hunstanton, we would always say that we would like to stay at the Golden Lion Hotel… So of course I had to choose it as our destination for a night away 🙂

Once we got the key to our room, we both wanted to go check it out and move our stuff in for the night… The room was so cute! It was in the roof, if that makes sense?


After settling in we decided to go on a walk along the pier 🙂 I have this Hunstanton tradition, of buying the most amazing doughnuts from a little pop up doughnut and coffee van that is always on the pier… So I just haddd to buy a couple to snack on, haha!

To finish of the day we went out for a lovely meal at ‘The HoneyStone’, popped in a mini Tesco and brought some nibbles, then went back to our room for the night and watched loads of films 😀

We both had an absolutely lovely time and made some great memories!

L x

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