Adventure catch up!

It’s been a while… a while since a good adventure blog! So here’s about 3 in 1 🙂

Since my last adventure I’ve been on quite a few, and luckily mother nature has been very generous to England lately.

Where I live you would never think there would be so many places to go out to, but there are some really beautiful locations out and about near me!

Summer Leys was lovely, I had never been there before and I would happily go there again! And I’m sure my dog would agree with me too 😀 So much open lake and field, I loved it.

I recently went “caravaning” to Chapel St Leonards in Skegness, with my boyfriend and his family.

Usually we stay in the K’s family caravan, but this time they decided they wanted to stay in a static caravan. We had such a lovely time, it was different compared to our other camping holidays because we had like actual “rooms”, you could say… But I defo enjoyed this caravan too!

The only sad thing from Skeggy was the weather 😦 Compared to the lovely sun we had been having at home, the misty foggy clouds were the only downside. But we didn’t let that ruin our mini holiday! We made the most of it and had an amazing time, creating great memories. I’m also 18 now, so that was a bonus 😀 My first holiday not having a kids club card haha!

K’s dog obviously came along! And so did some realllly friendly birds…

Most of our time in Skeggy was spent in many arcades, spending probably one too many pennies and getting angry at grabbing machines… But at the end of the holiday I got to come home with this lovely teddy bear!


What could be more perfect than a day out eating ice cream in the sun, with my doggy and my boyfriend?! K and I woke up on a lovely warm Sunday, and decided to go to Stanwick Lakes.

I think the photos say it all…

Chat soon,

L x


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