June Favourites 🌼

It’s about time we had a monthly favourites, don’t ya think..?

I’ve done a little thinking with this sort of blog, as there are quite a few different ways that people write ‘favourites’ blogs.

I have come up with a mini list of different things that each month I will choose what my favourite thing was for that topic, item… If that makes sense?

Lets crack on 😀

My June Faves!

  • SONG = “Girls like you” – Maroon 5 ft. cardi B.
  • BOOK = “Everything Everything” Nicola Yoon.
  • MOVIE or SHOW = I’m not going to be a typical gal right now… but it’s 100% Love Island! Absolutely love this show, I’m so addicted and I’m not sorry about it 😂
  • SOCIAL MEDIA = Pinterest. Without a doubt.
  • QUOTE = “Sweat is just fat crying”. Since I’ve been going gym I decided to find lots of great, inspirational quotes on Pinterest and write them on my pin board, to give me good motivation before I go to the gym. This quote was just so simple, and it gives me that mindset to push myself and not be paranoid if I do sweat and look like an idiot working my butt off.
  • SNACK = As I’m really working on my eating plan, I have researched and tried out so many healthy snacks, and my fave one this month is defo green apple and peanut butter.
  • MAKE UP ITEM = I found this a little hard as it’s been so hot at work make up would just melt off my face. So I haven’t really worn much this month… But I would like to say I’ve really enjoyed using white eyeliner whenever I have worn make up. I find it quite summery and brightening to my eyes 😶
  • SKINCARE PRODUCT = Bepanthen. Let me explain myself before your mind wonders why I have nappy cream… 😬 I had my first tattoo on the 14th, and Bepanthen has honestly just made the healing process so clean and easy. Especially with working in a hot kitchen! (I would absolutely recommend this cream if you are getting a tattoo BTW.)
  • PHOTO OF THE MONTH: I just love the colours that pop out in this photo, the detail and the eye catching specs from the bird!


Comment and let me know if you have any other ideas you would like me to add to my lists of monthly favourites, and let me know what your faves were too! 😊

L x

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