Camping in Clacton ⛺️

What’s your opinion on camping or “caravaning” as some may call it? I think it is defo one of the best types of holidays!

My boyfriends family own their own caravan so we have been on quite a few camping trips. K’s parents usually chose somewhere more down in the UK, but this time they decided to go more “upwards” to Clacton on Sea!

As well as going in a different direction of location, K and I also decided that it would be my turn to drive us camping… I only passed my driving test this year so we have never really had the choice of me driving, but this time we did. And so I thought I might as well do it and gain the experience of driving on the bigger roads, like motorways and for a long distance too.

Overall the drive down was like an 8/10. There was moments when I did admittedly get a bit stressed with the sat-nav and road layouts… 😬 and I don’t have the luxury that some people do of cruise control, so my right heel was killing me half way there! But other than those two downers, I did really enjoy the journey!

We arrived just as the sun was setting and the holiday was just beginning 😊


K unpacked the car and we settled down in our mini room, and started the holiday off with a few games, a few drinks and a lot of giggles.

Waking up on our first morning in the caravan was so lovely, but also SO hot! England hasn’t had the heat we have been having in such a long time. Not complaining though! 😋

Our first day was quite an early start as the World Cup football was on in the afternoon, so of course we had to be back for that… to keep the boys happy anyway haha! We still had a lovely morning walking around a couple different shops, buying a few little things and enjoying the sun.

After watching a brilliant game of football, we all started to get ready for an evening full of fun, games, drinks and for a night full of brilliant entertainment… apart from one. K – my boyfriend. Who we found out couldn’t handle an afternoon drink..!


Of courseee I had to capture the evidence of K fast asleep outside… hehe 🙈

The next day was our last full day away, so we decided to go to Clacton beach and go in every single arcade!

K and I NEVERRR get lucky in arcades, but we still always spend our coins in one too many machines… This time in one of the arcade’s on the pier, we thought we would put a £1 in this big spin wheel game thing and just wing it! A few moments later… and the pin landed on the “MEGA PRIZE” and we won 800 odd tickets 😀 Lucky us!

Ronnie – K’s family dog enjoyed the beach just as much as me…

But not as much as K… His inner child came out running around in the water under the pier 😂


To complete our last day at Clacton we all had a totally non competitive competition of crazy golf!


I had such a wonderful time in Clacton, I would 100% go back and stay again 😆

L x

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