July Favourites ๐ŸŒป

Another favourites already… Gosh thisย  month’s gone quick!

This final term at work before the whole summer off, has made time pass by. I’ve finally finished work and now its time to have 10X more adventures and 100X more memories being created ๐Ÿ˜€

My July Faves:

  • SONG = ‘Sometimes’ – Ariana Grande. I’m so addicted to this song! Every time I get in my car this is the first song on.
  • BOOK = Since my last favourites blog I haven’t actually been able to read any books… So my fave is still ‘Everything Everything’.
  • MOVIE or SHOW = Recently I’ve really wanted a good TV series to watch as I’ve finished work and needed a good show while K is still at work.ย Back at school when I was starting my exams, I needed a bunch of shows to binge watch while I revised, and one of my fave shows that I watched during my last year at school was ‘Gossip Girl’, so I decided to re-watch the whole show. I would say that this is defo my fave this month.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA = Instagram for sureeeee!ย I’m not going to lie but the real reason behind Instagram being my favourite for this month is unashamedly Love Island.. Don’t judge me haha! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Insta and love island have been linked together and I’m able to follow the people on the island, and the people who leave… You can see all gossip and chit chat. It’s great ๐Ÿ˜Š
  • QUOTE = Sometimes my mind set can sort of be like… an ants nest, construction wise. Let me explain. In an ants home there are multiple routes and pathways, and the ants have so many decisions and choices to make on which way to go. I’m basically trying to say that sometimes my head has more than one route to choose from, which makes it hard for me to figure out which mind set to follow..?? If that makes any sense. So my fave quote this month is – “Let every situation be what it is, instead of what you think it should be.” Sometimes you’ve got to just accept things for what they are and just go with it, and not worry or over think too much.
  • SNACK = I’ve had mannyyy snacks since last month and I am trying to have snacks more on the healthier side of food… this month my fave snack has been strawberries with a sprinkle of sugar on top. I know the sugar is a little bit bad, but its just a sprinkle rightttttt?!?
  • MAKE UP ITEM = Since work finished I have hardly worn make up. I mean it’s pretty much been impossible to wear any.. The weather has reached highs of like 32 degrees. And I know to some of you that’s nothing, but to us over here in England that’s crazy! I’ve tried putting a full face of make up on but it would literally just melt off, so there’s no point in doing that. I have just been applying only eyeliner and mascara. Which I honestly have loved the look of. My fave make up product has been my gel liner – Maybelline – ‘Lasting drama gel eyeliner 24H’.
  • SKINCARE PRODUCT = ‘Nip+Fab Purify – Teen skin fix spot zap’. As a teenager I have tried so many god damn spot creams, gels, oils.. you name it! Lately I have been using this “nip fab” thing and it’s actually doing wonders to my skin, so I ain’t complaining at the moment haha ๐Ÿ˜‚
  • HAIR CARE PRODUCT = This is a new fave that I have added to the list, as I’m always buying new hair care things to try out… This months fave is defo Aussies ‘3 Miracle Oil’. I 100% recommend! After every shower or bath I let my hair sit in a towel for a little while, and once I take it down and brush it through, I pump a few pumps of oil into my hand and run it through the bottom half of my hair. My hair is much more smoother and shiner, I love it ๐Ÿ˜


The other week I decided to bake a couple summery mini cakes, here is one of the little cupcakes. I think it’s so cute and just such a sweet photo. No pun intended ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve taken may photos of all the cakes that I made, if you would like to check them out they will be posted on my photo diary!

While writing this blog, I thought of another faves to add to my list – favourite thing that I done that month…

  • THING I DONE THIS MONTH = Would probably be camping in Clacton ๐Ÿ™‚ It was the first far’ish away adventure that I have driven too . The first holiday I have been able to drink and join in with “adulty” things haha, I even had an adult pass and not the kids pass! One of the best camping trips I have been on!

Whats been your favourite thing that you done in July 2018?

L x

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