Lanzarote 2018 – abroad with NO parents!

Who’da thought it!? Me, Libby going abroad with her most amazing and strong boyfriend – K, with NO parents??? Not meeee! But we did it!

Earlier this year K and I started looking at places to go abroad in August. Boy does time fly! I’m now back from my holiday to Lanzarote πŸ˜€ The most amazing memories we’re created, oh how I wish I was back there.

I’ve never been abroad without my parents before. I have been camping with K’s family many time’s, but that’s never been longer than like 3 days… So when we decided to go abroad without any parents it was a HUGEEE decision to make, but I am so glad that we did go, it was such a big step for our relationship ❀ and it has defo been added to my list of best holidays!

My parents drove us to the airport and walked us till they had to say goodbye – one of the hardest goodbyes I have done too. There we’re a few tears as we hugged and walked off, I had so many mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness. But as soon as we got through the security check and customs I relaxed a little, got some lunch down me and played some games with K on my Ipad.

Time soon went by and before we knew it, we was in the que waiting to board the plane!

The flight there wasn’t too bad. I much prefer flying in the day time than at night. I like being able to somewhat see what’s going on, if you get what I mean? The take off and landing was really smooth. I didn’t throw up or feel like I was going to, which says something as I usually do.

When we was booking our flight we also decided to have private transfer from the airport to the hotel. I’m quite a nervous and anxious person when there is a lot going on in quite busy places… so I wanted the airport to be as simple as we could make it. But when we landed in Lanzarote our transfer got mixed up so we had to wait quite a bit for a new car/taxi to arrive. When it did arrive they defo made up for it! We basically had a mini bus all to ourselves as that must have been all they had left. The driver was very chill and had really nice music playing, which he saw we was enjoying and turned it up 😊

Finally we made it to the hotel, it was beautiful!

We checked in and headed up to the second floor to find our room!

We had a sea view! Our room was right on the end of the hotel too.

Our room

We could see beyond the walls and onto all of the land, mountains and volcanoes! The views we’re beautiful in the morning and at night!

Every day there was something going on around the hotel, like games, challenges… K had ago at quite a few of them which was great to watch 😁

There was three different pools, 1 which I would say was more of a family/younger children pool, 2 was a salt pool which had lanes in it so you could some lengths if you wanted to… and 3 which was the pool that we chose sun beds to lounge on every day. It was the pool that I think the couples, adults… sat around.

While we was there we wanted to adventure out to the harbor near the hotel we was in. We went out early in the morning so we got to walk around as the sun was rising and the gorgeous blue sky was coming through!

It was quite interesting going into the different shops and seeing the items they sell, and their versions of our most popular things back at home like walkers crisps and pringles…

The reps around the hotel were so friendly and entertaining. They loved getting everyone and anyone involved with everything. The main rep came round and pulled me and K up to join in with the bubble foam party, which was great! I had never experienced a bubble foam party before, but I thoroughly enjoyed it πŸ˜† They also done a pool party with inflatables! Every body joined in with this one. I didn’t want to take photos up-close as I wanted to respect every one there, so I got a couple photos from far away.

Every night apart from Mondays (which was the entertainers days off), there was a different show on for everyone to go watch. There was a magic show, dancing “thing” it was spanish and I don’t really remember what it was called haha πŸ˜‚, the lion king, many tribute acts… BUT my absolute favourite one that we watched was ABBA!!! I loveeeeee them! It was amazing, I was dancing and singing to every song! K was totally not embarrased… I know he secretly loved every minute of it.

After the evening entertainment finished, K and I would go for a walk around the pools and enjoy the surroundings every night. One night K found a lost football and of course he had to have a kick around, and of courseeeΒ that then meant I had to take some photos… which then turned into a mini photoshoot 😁

The amount of beauty around the hotel was absolutely stunning. Every flower was different and in every colour possible too.

Lanzarote was amazing and I can’t wait to one day go again!

L x




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