August Favourites 🌞

Summer is nearly over!? WHAT???

August honestly went so quick. My birthday was at the beginning, then mine and K’s abroad holiday, next was my parents holiday and now my brothers birthday – the day i’m posting this actually. Work is literally just around the corner, and the summer has come to an end. So it must be time for another favourites blog… righttt? Right!

My August favourites:

  • SONG = I would say every blumming song on the ‘Greatest showman’ album but I think I’ve listened to them so much that it’s become quite unhealthy hahaha 😂.. so I had to find some new songs. My new fave song is from a group which I’m not sure you will know??? – Pentatonix, and their song ‘attention’ or ‘issues’ I can’t decided…
  • BOOK = One of my number one must haves for a holiday is a book. I had a last minute rush of finding a new book and ended up choosing the first one that appeared on my Kindle – ‘Don’t even think about it’ by Sarah Mlynowski. I loved it so much! It was one of those books where the ending is just not an ending which made it so frustrating, yet brilliant 😁. For sure this was my new fave book this month.
  • MOVIE/SHOW = I’m not going to lie I am still watching the same show from last months favourites… Gossip Girl. I knowww, I haven’t been a very good “binge watcher” this summer, I’m ashameddd… I am usually the best at binge watching shows, but this summer has just been packed full of many things. So Gossip girl is going to be a continuing fave!
  • SOCIAL MEDIA = I’ve purely chosen Instagram because of one ‘instagramer’ in particular – coldgamekelv. I was just scrolling through Instagram the other night and I came across this guy talking to animals and it was just brilliant, I was addicted to his videos for like an hour, no lie!
  • QUOTE = “My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be”. Everyone makes mistakes, wrong choices, bad decisions… but we all learn by all those things and can turn them around. This quote really stood out to me this month since I have been off work for the summer, and when I go back in a couple of days I just want to be a better person, being more happier and positive during my day at work… So this quote really makes sense. Don’t cha think?
  • SNACK = I swear I am eating healthy. Or at least healthier than I usually do… A little snack that I’ve had every now and then this summer is peanut butter and honey on toast. But you can’t forget the real reason why it’s my fave… it’s got to be cut into little squares too, as I’m still a child inside.
  • MAKE UP ITEM = I got quite a lovely tan from my holiday earlier on in August, so I haven’t been wearing much “full-on” make up since I have been back. However I have come across a must haveeee on an every day basis… Carmex – moisturising lip balm! It has been a god send for my lips from being in the Lanzarote sun.
  • SKINCARE PRODUCT = Damn spots! I swear my skin goes from lovely smooth and clear, to polka dot spots every now and then… It can be so frustrating because I try out so many blumming spot products and sometimes I get no results! But This month I found “witch hazel blemish stick” and it has worked a treat 😍 Defo recommend trying is you cant budge a blemish.
  • HAIR CARE = When I came back from my holiday I really needed to get my hair chopped, like honestly from dying it a lot at the beginning of the year, (not like crazy dying but I went red, purple and then back to brown), and then having the hot hawwwttt sun on it from my holiday, the ends of my hair had just got quite frazzled… So last week I popped into a hair dressers, came out a couple hours later and I felt like A NEW WOMAN! C’mon you must know what I mean, like when you get something quite drastic changed about you, it just makes you feel fresh and new? It’s great! I’ve gone from long like “under boob” length hair, to shoulder length. I love it! At first I was like “woahhhh who is thattttt?!”, and now I’m like kinda digging it 😆. Anywayyyy, so because of this I have actually been loving a new hair mask I brought when I got my hair cut, it has made my hair feel extra soft and silky! I defo recommend – ‘Elvive full restore 5 – intensive repairing mask’.

fave products

  • PHOTO OF THE MONTH = I’ve honestly found is quite hard deciding which photo is my favourite this month… I have so many great memories captured from mine and K’s holiday, and from my 19th. So I have ended up creating a mini collage of my absolute fave photos this August. Some funny and some beautiful 😊
  • BEST THING I’VE DONE THIS MONTH = I have done so many things this summer, but I think the best thing has 101% got to be mine and K’s holiday to Lanzarote! It was our first holiday abroad with no parents, and we created so many memories… It was just amazing like I can’t even explain how much we loved it!

What has been your favourite thing that you got up to this August?

L x


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