The Body shop – products review!

Do you ever find that you use the same skin care products for so long that’s it’s just as if your skin has gotten used to the products, and it doesn’t show results anymore? Well that’s where I’m at. So I guess it’s time to try a few new things 😊

I have never really brought anything from Body Shop myself, but I do usually get products as presents for Christmas or my birthday… Recently one of my friends at work has become a rep for the Body Shop, so I thought I’d give the magazine a flick through…

When I was in secondary school, an old friend introduced me to ‘Tea Tree Oil’ and I have always sworn by it. You just use a Q-tip, dap a bit onto a blemish and honestly it works miracles! As I was going through the magazine I came across a page full of tea tree products, I just had to purchase a couple of them.

  • Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask – I love a good face mask! I try use one twice a week, mainly Wednesdays and Sundays (I know quite specific but I feel like that’s a good mid-week and end of the week balance). The mask is a great consistency, not too “clumpy” or “watery”. I’ve gone through many face masks and some of them have been too thick or didn’t feel like they we’re doing anything for my skin. HOWEVERRR this clay mask has really proven itself! I love the kind of face masks that dry up and make your skin feel tight, and this one does exactly that!

  • Tea Tree Anti-imperfection Night Mask – I’ve never used a night mask before… So this was something completely new for me to try out, and I love it already! The product is a gel like cream sort of consistency. You literally only have to use the smallest amount of product and it covers your whole face! I love items like that 😊 they last such a long time, and are well worth the money. I got almost a tingly sensation when I applied the night mask, which was so refreshing for my skin right before bed. Every time I use this product I swear I wake up to my skin looking so smooth and tight, which is what I’ve wanted from a skin care item for agessss. I honestly would recommend giving this anti-imperfection night mask a go!

  •  Tea Tree Targeted Gel – Going back on what I said earlier, I have always used a tea tree oil with a Q-tip. This product is quite similar to doing that BUTTT it’s like an upgraded product…  the “Q-tip” is already part of the product so there is no faffing around, if that makes any sense? 😂. When my friend at work brought my Body Shop order in, I actually woke up that morning with a pesky blemish, luckily I had all these products to use to help get rid of it! This targeted gel worked a treat 😁 The next morning after using the night mask and the targeted gel, just like a magic trick it was gone! 101% I will be buying this product ASAP it runs out.

I’ve really enjoyed trying out some new products as I have been stuck in the same skin care routine for a while, and it felt like what I was doing before wasn’t really doing anything helpful to my skin anymore… But I now have a whole new routine which includes all 3 of these body shop products! So keep an eye out for a full skin care routine post 😆.

L x

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