September Favourites

This month has been one of those “ugh”/”Eek”/”yay” months… If you get what I mean???

A term time job is great but when you get a whole 6ish weeks off, going back to work and getting back into a routine is honestly such a challenge. September has defo gone by super quick though which is a bonus, as that also means HALLOWEEN IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! I can’t wait 😁 Let’s end September and begin the start of Autumn with another favourites!

My September Faves:

  • SONG: Many, many songs later and I’ve finally decided on one to be my favourite… ‘As you are’ (feat. Shy Carter) – Charlie Puth. I am obsessed with it, to be honest I’m addicted to the whole album that song is in.
  • BOOK: I have been a bit of a let down to myself with reading every night… Since I have been back to work I have been so shattered that once I hit the pillow I fall straight to sleep, so I’ve had no time to read my book 😒. The book I am currently reading would have to be my fave this month since I’m still reading the same one 😂 – ‘Think Twice’ Book 2 By Sarah Mlynowski.
  • MOVIE/SHOW: I have watched sooo many films and TV series this month. I’m still currently watching a series that I have yet to finish. Long story short I started watching ‘Jane the Virgin’ ages ago and I thought it had finished, but as I was searching through Netflix the other week I noticed that under the photo for ‘Jane the Virgin’ series it said – “NEW EPISODES”!!! I was probably a little too excited when I saw this, and now I have not stopped watching the show since then. So I would say that, that is my fave show this month.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter has been very good at entertaining my boredom I must say 😆. On my work mornings I have to pick a lady up for work and when I’m waiting around, Twitter makes time fly! Also on my breaks at work scrolling through all the tweets gives me a bit of “banta” to read to myself.
  • QUOTE: “The best can’t find you, until the worst is put behind you”.
  • SNACK: Not going to lie, my snack game has been very strong this month due to being back at work. I’m not sure if I am the only person who eats this but I have really been loving mini crackers dipped in hummus?? It’s just really simple and nice. Is it just me?
  • MAKE UP ITEM: One of my favourite make up items in total is mascara. I’ve mentioned in a previous blog that I can’t really wear any make up at work, as it just melts off my face from being in the kitchen… but the one make up item that I can wear is mascara. So this months fave would have to be that! It just gives you a bit of boldness around your eyes, which make me feel like I’m not just a pure egg at work, haha 😂.
  • SKIN CARE PRODUCT: I have tried quite a few new skin care products this month. Check out my ‘The Body Shop – Products Review’ blog to read about some of the new products I have been trying out. My favourite skin care item has defo got to be the ‘Tea Tree night mask’ 😊. It has honestly been working miracles over night and my blemishes really are disappearing!
  • HAIR CARE: I seem to always by new shampoo’s and conditioner’s… I think it’s because after I have used the same one for a while, it seems that my hair gets “bored” of it or just used to the products?? So I change my hair cleaning products up quite a bit. This month I have been using ‘Herbal Essences – passion flower & rice milk’, the smell this shampoo and conditioner leaves on my hair is so lovely and it stays smelling great for days! Especially when I plait my hair! This product leaves my hair feeling smooth and soft too 😍.
  • PHOTO OF THE MONTH: This is a bit of a sneak peak to an upcoming blog… It is defo my fave photo that I have taken this month!

  • BEST THING I’VE DONE THIS MONTH: I think overall this month has been a bit tricky as I have been back to work, and once I’ve finished my gym sesh after work the day is pretty much done… So I haven’t really done much other than gym and work this September. However I would say that the best thing I have done this month is, sign up for a journalism course! It is something I have wanted to do for agesss! Like honestly ages. I have been writing a book for about 2 years now, on and off. And I get so much enjoyment out of writing and posting my blogs 😊. I really feel a huge passion for writing and so I’m going to work my butt off, and make something out of it! I don’t actually start the course until the 8th of October, but that is pretty much right around the corner… I can’t wait!

What has been your favourite thing you’ve done this month?

L x

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