10 Autumn Essentials

My two favourite seasons of the year – Autumn and Spring!

There are so many essentials for autumn, below are 10 that I would say are the main ones for me 😊

  1. Probably one of my fave essentials… Cosy clothing! It’s back out of the drawers and taking over the hangers of my summer clothing. I love a good thick and snugly jumper, that covers all those lumps and bumps, and “bloatyness” if you’ve eaten one too many snacks.
  2. Candles and fairy lights! I swear fairy lights come in SO handy, it’s crazy 😁. I have them all around my little garden on my window seal, which is also like a little night light. Behind my fish tank so that my cute lil’fishys can have a source of light, and all along my bed frame as that’s pretty cute rightttt??? haha 😂 I loveee candles too. I think what I love most is that you can find and buy candles that suit moods, seasons, occasions… I’ve recently brought a ‘Bramley Apple’ and  a ‘Pumpkin Patch’ Candle. Defo the perfect scents for this time of year! image1 (10)
  3. I adore fresh sheets so much! Especially in Autumn and Winter, as I have soft cotton sheets now, and OMG they’re the most comfy and cosy covers ever!
  4. Boots, slippers and wellingtons – A must have for the muddy walks and adventures, which make your feet cold but then as soon as you get home you can pop warm comfy slippers on.
  5. HAND CREAM! I cannot preach it enough… When the weather changes from hot to cold (I don’t know if it’s just me?). But my hands get so dry and saw, so hand cream really is an essential. It’s come in pretty handy having a stash of my favourite hand creams in the bottom of my bag.image1 (9)
  6. Warms colours have been re-intorduced into my make up routine 😍. I’m a real sucker for bronzey, goldey, deep redey colours. I loveee a good red and gold blended eye shadow, with a gorgeous red lip. I can’t wait for an occasion to really go all out with my make up now, just because it’s autumn.
  7. This time of year is the perfect excuse for wayyy to many pillows on beds and sofas. If you see a pillow you really want while shopping, god damn buy it because I’m pretty sure there will be somewhere to put it. You can never EVER have too many pillows this time of year!
  8. Hot beverages. Pretty plain and simple, but if you’re like me and you don’t really drink any hot drinks in the summer… When it comes to Autumn and winter at least one hot chocolate is like a necessity each day. I do love my green tea and peppermint teas every morning to refresh and wake me up 😊. And then in the evenings I enjoy having a “cosy” drink as I call them, like hot chocolates or a creamy tea (totally with any biscuits… not at all… not even oneee…). I think that this has also been helping me sleep at night, which is a bonus!
  9. Having an umbrella and a pair of gloves in the bottom of your handbag. Honestly this has become a life saver… In the early mornings driving to work I can barley feel my hands, and then lately my when I have been walking from the car to the work doors, or from the shops to my car in the rain that brolly in my bag has really saved the day for me 😂.
  10. I’m not too sure if this is an essential for everyone, but for me a REAL FIRE! My mum hasn’t been able to light our fire for soooo long, now we have the chance, we take it! It’s so lovely to sit by a roaring fire, writing a blog post, another chapter to my book or even just watching the TV.

What is your number one Autumn essential?

L x

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