October Favourites!

I can’t believe that one of my favourite months has come to an end.

Let’s crack on with yet another favourites blog!

My October Faves:

  • SONG: Usually when I find a good song I have it on repeat for a while, but I soon want a change of music and move on… But this songgg… OMG it’s amazing! Every time I press play, I swear I get flash backs of my childhood and all the different games, types of songs…  – ‘1999’ Charlie XCX and Troye Sivan.
  • BOOK: Well, this month it’s actually a magazine that has been my favourite read. I started a college course on the 8th of October, and my first assignment included me finding a good magazine – Woman. This magazine has been very useful for my first assignment, and has really opened my eyes with reading magazines more often.
  • MOVIE/SHOW: The other week I wasn’t feeling to great, so my boyfriend came over with a few snacks and movies for me to watch. One of them being ‘Twilight’. I know, I knowww… I can’t believe I left it this long to watch it either! But now I have watched it I can finally understand what everyone was going on about back in school. If you haven’t seen the film’s I would defo suggest giving it ago 😊. I won’t lie the ending kind of shook me a bit. I was a tad blown away but I still rate it!
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Pinterest slays once again! It’s honestly the most useful social media. From Halloween costume inspiration to baking ideas for many things… For my boyfriends birthday I’ve always known to bake him a chocolate cake, but I didn’t just want a plain chocolate cake, oh nooo… I needed to do something a little bit more interesting that he would love. With some help from Pinterest, I came out with this…
  • QUOTE: “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and think of what could go right.” Powerful words that I really should start listening too.
  • SNACK: One of my jobs at work is to cut and prepare the fruit for fruit pots. The past term I noticed that certain fruits have been going off and becoming unsuitable for selling very quickly. Including fresh big oranges. So what I have been doing when oranges have nearly come to the end of their lives is, squeezing them and having myself a lovely fresh glass of orange juice, and now I’m addicted! It’s been so refreshing having the juice directly from the oranges, with nothing added to them.
  • MAKE UP ITEM: I have never really been the type of girl to wear any sort of coloured lipstick. But this October I have fallen in love with a bright red lip! I’ve built such a good friendship with my “lipstick routine”. My lips don’t dry out or wear of quickly, it’s great 😁. First I apply my fave lip butter in Coconut from The Body Shop, followed by Maybelline – 90 Scarlet Flame Lipstick. Such a great combo, honestly!
  • SKIN CARE PRODUCT: Baby Lotion is back again! And no I don’t have a baby… I just want baby soft skin haha. I just love the smell of this lotion and how it makes my skin feel once its sunk in, it’s blumming lush!
  • HAIR CARE ITEM: The last week of October has been the Halloween week break off work. So I have been using quite a lot of heat on my hair due to going out a lot more, and of course a good Halloween party 🎃. So my hair has been adoring this brilliant heat protecting product!- Care & Protect Heat Defence Spray by TRESemme.

fave products oct

  • PHOTO OF THE MONTH: October has defo been a more rainey month, compared to what the weather has been like lately. I have taken many, manyyy rain drop photo. The one below is my fave 😊. Just look at how clear the water drops are on the leafs. I love it!


  • THING I HAVE DONE: October isn’t just one of my fave months, it’s also K’s birthday month! I always have to go extra when it comes to presents and any gift giving occasion… I love wrapping things inside more wrapping, and having lots of sparkles and bows 😂. One of K’s birthday gifts was a surprise night away a few days after his birthday. I love escaping reality every now and then, and having an adventure away with my boyfriend is one of my fave things I like doing.

I have an extra favourite to add onto October, as I thought it would make perfect sense –

  • CANDLE: When I first started writing this blog, I was 100% sure that my pumpkin spice candle would be my fave this month. But then my mum recently brought me an early Christmas present- a Christmas candle. I know this really shouldn’t be my favourite as it’s not even the crimbo time of year yet, but honestly I cannot stop smelling the candle, haha 😂. Of course it had to be my fave candle this month. The scent is “Festive Peppermint”, and my mum brought it from a well known shop here – B&M.

festive peppermint candle.jpeg


L x

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