An interview with myself.

A couple of years ago I actually had a total different blog account. I posted about my days at school and college. My every day ups and downs basically. But unfortunately that account got lost in the post and I now have this account.

My first ever blog was posted back in 2014, and was one of those typical “Get to know me”posts. So that the readers could learn a few basic things about me. I realised the other day that I’ve never really done that sort of post on here before, so why not do one now, but a more upgraded one 😊.

So here’s an interview with myself. If you have anything else you would like to know, comment below!

I think that a great first question to start of this interview would be…

  • WHERE HAVE I BEEN? – Unfortunately I haven’t posted in about 2 weeks! My journalism course had taken over my life the other week, and the week just gone by, I had my first paid baking job! So I’ve had all my focus on that. Butttt I did get a couple of photos so that’s a bonus 😊.
  • WHATS MY NAME, AGE AND DATE OF BIRTH? – My names Libby-Cecilia, I’m 19 and my birthday is the 3rd of August.
  • WHAT IS MY CURRENT JOB? – I have been a baker in a school for nearly two years.
  • AM I A SINGLE PRINGLE? – Nope, I have been in a relationship with K for 1 year and 8 months ❤.
  • MY HOBBIES – I loveee writing and photography, hence why I created “phogger” – photography blogger. I enjoy reading, but I find it hard to actually finding the time to read. I really like baking and decorating cakes. I adore crafts and DIYS, like making my own Christmas and celebrations cards… Simple things like walking and adventures are something I love doing too.
  • ANY PET PEEVES? –  OMG yes, don’t we all have them? My biggest pet peeve is probably loud eaters… like if I can hear your chewing when I’m in a different room than you, then stop eating 😂. Actually that is probably a tie with slow walkers as well. I just really don’t like being stuck behind someone walking ridiculously slow when there is no one in front of them. Or when you’re behind someone and they just stop to go on their phone or something, in the middle of the path… Now that frustrates me.
  • FAVOURITE COLOUR – Duck egg blue 😍.
  • DO I HAVE ANY TATTOOS OR PIERCINGS? – Yes, I have 3 tattoos and 2 different piercings.
  • SOMETHING I HATE ABOUT MYSELF – I think I would have to say, that I hate how kind hearted at the wrong time I am. Like how many times should one forgive another? I think that in the past I have just let so many people walk all over me, because I forgave them so many times. If that makes any sense?
  • SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MYSELF – Uhmmm… I would probably say that I love the fact that I don’t need alcohol, or a lot of it any ways to have a good time. Like I’ve been clubbing with pretty much no alcohol in my tummy, and it was honestly the best night out I’ve had! It’s just about having the right group of friends that you can be yourself around and really let your hair down with 😊. I think I just love being around the right people that can bring out my best laugh.
  • WHAT IS MY FAVOURITE TAKE AWAY? – Oh I do love a good Chinese, seaweed is my most fave food, I think. I feel like that’s really odd now I’ve actually written that down..? 😂
  • DO I HAVE ANY PETS? –  My family currently have 1 cat, 1 dog, 1 bunny and countless fishes.
  • MY FAVOURITE GENRE OF MOVIE – I love a good rom-com, but I think horrors have got to be my favourite.
  • WHAT’S MY FAVE TIME OF YEAR –  I like the “in between” months… Which are autumn and spring. I love wrapping up warm in a big coat and a humongous scarf, still being able to wear a skirt with cute boots. But I also love spring where all of the colourful flowers start to come back, and cute belly tops get to make their way out of my drawers.
  • WHAT WOULD BE MY DREAM HOUSE –  I would honestly love a bungalow or one of those floating caravan homes? They look so lovely with the roof top garden. OMG I would have such an amazing mini green house 😂.
  • IF I COULD LIVE IN ANY FICTIONAL MOVIE OR STORY WORLD, WHAT WOULD IT BE? – One of my absolute favourite series… ‘Once Upon a Time’ for sureee! It would indeed be a tad scary but also very magical.
  • WHERE DO I SPEND MOST OF MONEY? – You know I would usually say a clothing shop like H&M or Select. But honestly I’m more a Hobbycraft, The Works and Flying Tiger kind of gal 😂. My boyfriend has to have me on one of those baby leads whenever I go in Hobbycraft. I literally just want to pick everything up and buy it all.

Answer some of these questions yourself in the comments below!

L x

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