Vitamin E saved my skin!

I’ve never really took any notice of vitamin E facial products, or any type of vitamin E products in general.

A few weeks ago one of my lovely friends and I had a cuppa tea and a good body shop products chin wag 😊.

A couple of hours later, she sent me home with some new products to test out. And honestly after just 48 hours I basically had a brand new layer of fresh and smooth skin!

Product 1 – Vitamin E cleanser

I’ve never really used anything like this product… My face routine has always been a face scrub and then a moisturiser. But I’ve never actually had matching products that are made to work together. 

The consistency of the cleanser is like a cream but it’s a bit more watery, if you know what I mean? Once you have gently rubbed it all in, you then use a cotton pad to remove any excess. Every time I use this product, it makes my skin feel so new and soft, I love it! 

This might be a tad TMI, but I think I should share this with you about this product. Ever since I first used this cleanser whenever a spot appeared, after rubbing the cleanser in it would literally just peel right off. It’s oddly satisfying.. is that wrong or weird to say? haha 😂.

Product 2 – After a few seconds of letting the cleanser soak into my skin, I drop literally only a couple drops of the toner onto a cotton wool pad (a small amount goes a very long way with this toner!), and wipe that all over my face. After using the toner my skin feels so tight and prepped ready for the day! 

I’ve never used a toner before. I never really understood what all the different types of toners do either. But I am so glad that I got introduced to both of these products.

Since I have been using both of the Vitamin E products my skin has really shown a difference. Even at work I have had a couple of compliments about how my skin seems less shiny. Which was great to hear as I always worry about looking oily or anything like that… 

I honestly recommend testing out both of these products. There is also a moisturiser that is part of the Body Shops Vitamin E collection, which I will be obtaining soon to try out as well. I’ll let you guys and gals know what I think of that in a couple of blogs time 😊.

L x

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