November Favourites

I never thought I would be so excited for a month to come to an end… Christmas is literally right around the corner now! I cannot believe how quick November has flown by.

Let’s jump right in shall we…

My November favourites 😊:

Let’s make the last month of 2018 a great one!

  • SONG: You can never go wrong with ‘The Greatest Showman’ album! And then to top it all off ‘The greatest showman: Reimagined’ was released! I honestly love pretty much every song from both of the albums, but my fave would have to be – The Other Side (with MAX & Ty Dolla $ign).
  • BOOK: I’m not going to lie but I’m going to have to give this favourite a miss… Unfortunately I haven’t been able to read a book this month, not even a page!
  • MOVIE/SHOW: I think like most of the population, my fave show has got to be ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’. I absolutely love this show so much. This year’s has such a good bunch of people and they support each other so much 😁.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: I don’t usually use Facebook that much but lately, my best friend and I have been tagging each other in so many different things… There has actually been some pretty decent posts.Β 
  • QUOTE: “Every day may not be a good day, but there’s good in every day” – No matter what you will find some sort of posivity in every day, you just have to dig a little deeper some times 😁
  • SNACK: I honestly love a warm puffy pitta and houmous! Literally my fave snack lately.
  • MAKE UP ITEM: The most popular make up item that I have been using this month isssss… the ‘Wake Me Up Concealer’ By Rimmel. Some days you can really tell how tired I am from the bags under my eyes, and this product has really saved me looking like a walking zombie at work and covered up those sleepy bags!
  • SKIN CARE PRODUCT: If you have read my previous blog then you will know all about the new vitamin E products that I have been using. I would defo have to say that both of them are my favourite this month. If you have no clue what I am on about, go check out my previous blog –> Vitamin E saved my skin!
  • HAIR CARE ITEM: Over a month ago I cut my hair quite short, and recently I have been debating if I preferred my hair long? So I purchased some ‘Lee Starfford Hair Growth Collection’ Which includes the shampoo, conditioner and mask. They have shown results within a week, it’s amazing.
  • PHOTO OF THE MONTH: I have chosen this photo because, it’s a memory of the first cake that I baked for someone who has actually paid for my work.Β Like a proper cake job, haha πŸ˜‚.
  • THING I HAVE DONE: I haven’t really done much this month, as in like an actual “activity” sort of thing, but personally I have been doing really well at work. I never used to be miserable or like depressed but I wasn’t really myself, if you get what I mean? But for the past month or so one of my closest friends joined our kitchen team, which has made my days at work so much more brighter and positive. I don’t really know how to describe it… I have just had more of a bounce in my step I guess πŸ˜†.

I’m posting this blog a tad late as the past few days have been pretty packed… So now we’re in December I just wanna sayyyyyy MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Too soon??? haha πŸ˜‚.

L x

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