Christmas DIY’s I have done this December šŸŽ„

From since I can remember I have always tried to make Christmas, birthday and any sort of celebration presents as special as I can.

I have always thought that the way gifts are wrapped, makes the present complete.

This year I have put in so much effort with my gift wrapping and card making. Last year I only started making Christmas cards towards Christmas day, so it was a tad too late… but this time round I have made hand-made cards for everyone šŸ˜Š.

One of my favourite that I made has got to be this one… I think it’s pretty simple but cute at the same time!

I am obsessed with all of the different letters that you can buy. I brought some gorgeous copper ones and a glittery white spongy set too, which I thought were a bit more “Christmasy”. I also can’t stop buying paper, Christmas themed paper especially… I think it’s actually becoming an addiction.

Each present that I have brought and wrapped, I wanted to make personal for everyone. I didn’t wanna over do it with any of the gifts because in reality, they will only be getting ripped open and thrown in the bin šŸ˜‚. But then again it is Christmas and sometimes it’s okay to be that bit extra!

Here’s just a couple of photos to show the style of wrapping that I have gone for this year šŸŽ

I have worked full time for near enough three years now, and I’m not sure if this is just me..? But I actually adore being able to buy everyone their presents myself, and being able to make most gifts a surprise šŸ˜†. I can’t wait for everyone to open their present’s this year, especially my mum!

All the gals that are my closest friends and family… I have created a gift box for. I done the same last year, except this year’s are on another level! You don’t even end up spending a stupid amount of money which is a bonus šŸ˜Š.

I start of by writing a list of who I will be making boxes for, what they like and are interested in… I buy some Christmas themed boxes and everyone gets a little cracker, a candy cane and a sack of chocolate coins. I know cute righttttt?!  
I also add other little things in like candles and fluffy Christmas socks too.

I wish I could insert some photos of the gift boxes that I’ve made this year, but I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone, especially my mum. Haha sorry mum… šŸ˜‚. Keep an eye out on my Instagram though, as I will soon be posting some of the photos! –

Do you do any DIY’s for Christmas?

L x

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