It’s Christmas Eve! The Christmas Tag 🎅

It’s Christmas Eve!! I can’t believe how quick it has come round. I thought it would be a great idea to do a cheeky Christmas tag for you all 😊

I was inspired to do this tag by a blogger called ‘Beauty Rant’. Feel free to answer these questions yourself in the comments below!

1.What is your favourite Christmas movie? 🎬 –

This is only the first question of the tag and I’m struggling… 😂. I just have so many! Right now I keep watching ‘Arthur Christmas’ on repeat, so you could say that’s my fave? But a classic that I love would have to be ‘The Santa Clause – film series collection’! I could watch any of the 3, any day at any time.

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? –

Christmas morning for sure! Only up to reading Beauty Rant’s Christmas tag I never actually knew that some people open their presents on Christmas Eve… I mean you do you hunni, that’s okay! Personally I open mine on Christmas day, always have since I was a little baby.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory? – 

Honestly, Christmas day in general is my fave memory. Whenever I look back at each Christmas it’s just so magical and special, I can’t really pick a memory in specific.

4. Fave festive food? – 

Hands down I have got to say a good cheese board! It’s just all of the crackers, grapes, quince, spreads… I must admit that every time I eat this I do feel guilty straight away, and it makes me want to hit the gym but it’s Christmas! That’s an excuse, righttt???

5. Favourite Christmas gift? 🎁 – 

Another question that I struggled with! Last year my lovely boyfriend surprised me with a gorgeous Pandora necklace and a cute “K” charm to go with it, which I still wear pretty much everyday. But then I also love simple presents like collage photo frames or really pretty scrapbooks, where I can keep memories and cherish them forever… I’m torn between so many that I actually can’t answer this question 😂.

6. Favourite Christmas scent? – 

I do love a good cinnamon/ firey/ cosy crimbo classic smelling candle, but right now I just can’t stop burning this minty candy cane candle. It’s honestly so refreshing and it spreads around my room! Not including candles I would actually say, that the smell that surrounds and takes over every room in the house as Christmas dinner is being dished up… Has got to be the best.

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? – 

Looking back in the past there was a couple of years where my family would go to a place called ‘SnoZone’ in MK, and we would go bum sledding! It was a great laugh and so much fun! Even being a lot older now I would still enjoy it 😊. So I would say that’s a Christmas Eve tradition that we used to do, but unfortunately we haven’t done it for a couple of years now…

We do have a tradition that I can remember doing every single year without a doubt… watching ‘The Snowman’. As soon as the TV switches the channel when the movie begins, my mum and I are snuggled up and ready on the sofa!

8. Whats your tree topper? 🎄 – 

I think that we used to have a cute little fairy on the top of our tree, and each year we took it in turn to put it on the top. But as the years have passed I think the fairy got a tad old, and we ended up finding a cushioned star ⭐.

9. As a child what was the one gift you always asked for, but never received? – 

This is probably a really weird answer, but I’ve got to be honest it’s a sheep! 🐑 Since I was born I think I’ve just had it in my head that I want a pet lamb… Every teddy that’s in my room is a sheep, yes I still have teddies in my room! Why not?! One day I will defo buy one as a pet!

10. What is the best part of Christmas to you? – 

When I was younger it would’ve 100% been opening my presents, but as I’ve grown up, got a job and earned my own money it would actually be buying and wrapping everyone’s gifts, and seeing their faces when they open them.

I hope you have/had a brilliant Christmas Eve, and have an even better Christmas day! 😊

L x

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