My 1st adventure of 2019 πŸŒ³

Oh I do love a good adventure! I have made a deal with myself to go on a big photography walk once a month, and to share the photos with you guys and gals 😊.

We have defiantly hit winter where I live! K and I decided to go to lovely Irchester with my family dog – Treacle. OMG my fingers were nearly falling off there was such a cold breeze. Treacle defo didn’t let the weather bother her though!

She is such a poser! Sometimes she decides to pretend she can’t hear my voice… but when she does she’s such a lil’cutie πŸ˜†

My boyfriend of courseee had to be a model and strike a few poses too, haha πŸ˜‚.

If you have read any of my previous adventure posts, then you would know that K always has to find the biggest log or “twig” (whatever you want to call it), that he can find. He couldn’t actually find a massive one so he ended up finding two odd sized pieces of wood… He was so proud of himself, bless him.

Not everything is dull in this lovely British winter weather… There are actually some really beautiful colours that pop through in between all of the browns, greens and greys…

As we was walking through the Country Park, we noticed there was a very “orangey” section of the forest… I actually found it very pretty to take photos of 😊.

There was a lot of lovely landscape throughout our adventure, and so many reflections in all of the muddy swampy puddles and ponds.

I took so many photos on this adventure that I want to share with you, but I can’t include them all in this one blog πŸ˜‚. I will be posting them on my Instagram though, so if you would like to check them out and keep updated for when I post blogs in the future… then follow this link —>

Have you got any andventure plans this January? I hope your 2019 is going amazing already! 😊

L x

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