5 GOALS I want to reach by the end of 2019.

Whether you set yourself goals daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly… it doesn’t matter when, as long as you accomplish and go for it, you know! I feel like the majority of us set those ‘New Years resolutions’, but by the end of January or maybe by the first week of the year, you’ve already “forgotten” what the resolutions even were…? yeah I’ve been there too!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not the best at daily goals or weekly goals, as I have quite a busy scheduled. It can become too much pressure, and I end up not being able to complete them in that day/week. So I’ve decided to think of my main 5 goals that I would like to reach by the end of 2019.

My 5 goals:

1.Fitness πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ – The past 2″ish” years I would say that every time an occasion comes round or something where I have to dress up a little bit more… I tend to try on about 10+ different outfits. That’s not even an exaggeration. Like I generally have this mental thing where I judge myself so much with everything I put on. My boyfriend, mum or friend can tell me I look lovely, but I still have to change what I’m wearing. It’s so annoying and frustrating! So it makes me think, why not do something about?

I have set myself a goal to get fit. Not to necessarily loose weight by number, I won’t be standing on scales every day… just working on feeling healthy, being healthy and just glowing inside and out! I want to go gym to gain confidence and to be able to feel comfortable in whatever I chose to wear each day 😁. I think that I would like to tighten and tone, and not be paranoid about any part of my body.

2.Self love ❀ – I feel like everyone needs some self love every now and then?! Sometimes I struggle. I feel like I’m not the only one here..? I can have some really positive days, where I feel great and motivated at work… But then some days I can get quite low, and I find it difficult to bring myself back up to the “normal” Libby. This year I’m not going to try change the things that you simply can’t control, and just work on the things that will make a difference to my life. Find a way to love my body the way I am, and accept things the way they are!

3.Positivity 😊 – Similar to what I have said about self love, I just would like to bring more positivity into my life. I’m going to really focus on finding the plus side in every situation, and just make the most out of everything. I feel that sometimes, too often I can just look at the negatives, and I end up in such a deep hole that I dig myself into… Not this year though! I will find as many positives as I can, and bring happiness to myself and others. Don’t get me wrong I am so happy but I wanna make others happy to, you know what I mean?! Sometimes putting a smile on someone else’s face, can really turn my mood around.

4.Organisation πŸ–Š – I actually think that being unorganised is like one of my biggest stresses. Just me? let me know. Something simple like coming home from work and the gym… walking into my room and finding it to be quite a mess, can really stress me out. I just want to climb into my bed and sleep after a long day, not tidying up πŸ˜‚. To be fair I’m not a messy person, I just like things being where there meant to be.

This year I’ve brought myself a little food journal, blog plans diary and a general notes pad. So far I have used all 3! The food journal has actually been really useful. I’m able to keep on top of what I’ve eaten and make plans for my work days, so I know what I’m having for lunch and dinner. The blog plans book has been great for jotting down my ideas, plans for posts and when I will be uploading… Defo would recommend! I’m able to keep on top of all my blogs to πŸ˜†. My general notes is pretty simple, but actually the most helpful! My best ideas always come to me right before I’m about to doze off at night, so this book has been really handy to note everything down that’s on my mind, and get it all out… I have been getting a better nights rest since writing things down as well, so that a bonus 😊!

I just simply want to work on organising the majority of things in my life, and keeping on top of everything I do… Not letting anything stress me out!

5.Going for it πŸ‘ – Whenever I have to make a decision, as simple as “do I want to go on this really cool trip and capture great memories with my camera???” or whatever, my mind always has to try find all of the different reasons to do something and not to do it. So, I want to try and work on just going for things, not thinking too much about it, and just trying my best and enjoying the experience.

I know some of these goals could seem pretty “simple” to some of you, but they’re goals to me that I would like to work on and achieve. I just know that if I do achieve them, it will actually benefit my life and mental health so much 😊. And that makes me and everyone around me happy!

Do you have any goals for yourself this year?

L x

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