PHOTO SERIES: wk1, Jan19


My first photo series!

It took me a while to decide what I wanted to do for my first week of my 1st photo series… After looking through some old memory sticks from school and college, and finding wayyy too many close ups of parts of nature, I decided on ‘Mushrooms and Moss’ for week 1 😊.

Every day for a week I posted on my Instagram with a little caption, which has lead up to today – day 7 where I’m now blogging about it.

Day 1:

I remember taking this photo and absolutely loving it straight away! I think it was actually the photo that began my obsession with macro shots of mushrooms. Just look at all of those different parts of the mushroom that lead right to the center of it. Is it weird how much I enjoyed taking this photo? 😂

Day 2:

No one really pays any attention to moss, I mean why would you… it’s just some green stuff on the floor, right??? But after seeing how amazing mushrooms looked close up, I thought I would see what moss looked like to. And I’m so glad that I did! I think that there is just so much detail with something that most people would probably say is quite an ugly thing.

Day 3:

I bet there is a little bug family that lives under this shelter of mushrooms 😆. I felt as if I was intruding when I look this photo, the mushrooms were very “to themselves” and closed into each other. There are so many different types of fungi, and so many more than what I found.

Day 4:

Hands down my favourite photo ever that I have taken of moss! Please tell me that you agree that this looks like a dinosaur drinking water from a lake??? I love the reflection in the puddle, the detail of the moss, the powerful colour of green on top of the background, and how the colour stays strong in the reflection… Just all of it!

Day 5:

Moss comes in so many shades. I love how bright yet deep this one is! I also like my aperture choice for this photo, it really makes you focus on the detail of the bunches of moss.

Day 6:

It’s like natures own umbrella ☂ . You can see what the mushroom looked like before it opened up with the ones that surround it. There’s not a lot of colour that comes through with this one, to me it’s still so interesting with how many different shapes and styles that grow in nature.

Day 7:

The final photo for the first week of my first photo series! The moss in this was tall yet still so small. Don’t you find it so clever how those tiny and thin brown strands hold up little flower things? Just me? 😂.

I have sooo many mushroom and moss photos, it was really hard to pick my fave 7, but I narrowed it down to showing 7 different “styles”. You can get tall, short, flat, fluffy… Each ever so fascinating in their own way.

Let me know what you have thought about my first week! To be ready for my second make sure to follow my Instagram 😊

L x

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