What I have been up to…

I haven’t blogged in a while, I know. I’ve had so many things that I’ve wanted to do, wanted to write… But I have honestly been so tired and exhausted. I really need to work on getting the motivation back that I had a couple of months ago!

The past week I have been up to quite a bit, so I thought I would write a little weekly blog to update you 😊.

Valentines was on a work day this year, so of courseeee I had to make some cute lovey dovey treats for all of the students. I managed to take some photos on my phone —

What did you do for valentines?

As it was a work night K and I still met up and gave each other some cute gifts… but we had no time for anything else, so we planned a day out at the SeaLife centre in Hunstanton for the weekend. Keep a look out for that blog to see all of the photos that I took πŸ˜†.

The other weekend K had a driving experience, so I took full advantage of that and took as many photos as I could. So he could keep that memory forever.

My v day gift to K was a scrapbook full of all the photos that I took, here is some of my favourites that I got!

I’ve recently brought some new note books so that I can start getting more organised again 😊. I have been planning future blogs and photo series… So I am on the positive route again!

I promise I’ll write again sooner than I did this time…

L x

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