The second week of my series is here already… It’s come around so quick! Months hardly feel like what they felt like in school nowadays.

As it’s the month of lovey dovey stuff, I wanted to find 7 photos that symbolise a few things I love/loved doing. And memories that I’ve loved creating.

Day 1: Relationship

I mean this had to be the first photo of the second week of my series – my relationship ❤. K and I have been dating pretty much 2 years now, it feels way longer than that though… He makes me feel like I’ve never dated anyone else (sorry if I’m too cringy, hehe 😂).

Day 2: Animals/Pets

This one is a tad sad, but also just an all time favourite photo that I will cherish forever. My two first pets, Peppa the cat and Cookie the hamster. Sadly they both passed away a couple of years ago, but not a day goes by that I don’t think of them… Some might call me a “saddo“, but I’m just a huge animal lover. Both of these two animals played a big part in my childhood, they were like a diary that I could speak too and they would just listen, and not chat back. If that makes any sense?

Day 3: Camping

I love all types of holidays. It’s just nice to get away from a few things for a couple of days 😊. Camping is just brilliant, I know that probably sounds silly but it really is one of my fave things. I’m not sure what age I was when I first went camping, but I know that I have gone since I was quite young… It’s such a lovely escape and a load of fun.

Day 4: Adventures

If you have followed my blog since it started then you’ll know I loveee adventures! One of my absolute fave things to do. I enjoy just getting out in the fresh air, capturing all the natural things around us, and simply exploring.

Day 5: Friendships

The past year or so I have been starting to get back in contact with old friends, and building up what we used to have… Capturing those moments are great, I’m able to look back and remember all of the giggles and chats.

Day 6: Cakes and Bakes

I admit, I don’t bake as often as I would like to, but c’mon… I am a full-time baker so it’s all I do. In the future I would like to become more talented with baking and gain more skills/techniques. When I get the time to bake for family and friends, not for students and teachers, I get such a fulfilled feeling when they eat what I make and enjoy it with a smile on their face!

Day 7: I’m not sure what to call this one… My mother?

This photo is actually from a project in college, where we had to tell a story through a triptych. I chose the tell the story of how my mum taught me all about photography. For a while I was lost on what to be and what to do… My mum and I used to go on mini walks together where she would take her old camera. I soon became inspired by her and looked up to what she done as a hobby. So I soon purchased my own camera and ended up doing GCSE Photography and a college photography course too.

I would say that I took on the knowledge of a camera pretty quick, and soon enough started producing many, many photos… Which is the end of the triptych story.

Photo 7 is basically just about how much I love my mum for introducing me to a camera. If she didn’t I may not have been writing this blog, or any blog post at all… You never know???

I’m really enjoying doing these photo series. It’s been loving looking back at all of my old SD cards and memory sticks 😊.

L x

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