February Favourites πŸŽ€

I hope you’ve all had a beautiful Feb 🌼

My February Favourites:

  • SONG: I have been bouncing between Queen – ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and Sam Smith – ‘Dancing with a stranger’. All of Queen’s songs are great to listen to on the way to work, sing your heart out to and wake wake yourself up with… But songs like ‘Dancing with a stranger’ put me in a really good mood! 😊 I’d have to say that I’m torn between the both of them this month.
  • BOOK: Thanks to my best bud at work, I have become addicted to the Divergent book series. I’ve managed to finish all 3 in just a couple of weeks (that’s good for me πŸ˜‚), it’s just so addictive! I would defo recommend if you’re looking for a good book to read. There are also films to go with the books too! I can’t even decide if I like the books or films best it’s that good.
  • MOVIE/SHOW: At the beginning of the month I would have said ‘Divergent’, but then K made me watch ‘Vemon’… And OMG! It’s honesty so goooddd! I do love actions movies, but I wouldn’t usually pick one if it was my choice with what film to watch, but Venom defo has me hooked πŸ˜†. We totally haven’t watched it like 7 times now… (Not even exaggerating)
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: I’m not gunna lie, but I don’t really have a fave social media this month… I’ve actually become bored of most apps. I feel like I just see the same posts every time I go on them? Even with Youtube I’m not getting anything new or interesting coming up πŸ˜’
  • QUOTE: “Your Only Limit Is Your Mind”.
  • SNACK: You know what? I actually don’t know what my fave snack is this month either… I love a good crumpet and that’s all I’ve been craving, but I’m currently in the middle to eating more healthy – just trying to control what I eat basically 😊. So snacking has been off limits! Maybe next month I will change this favourite to “Healthy Snack”, and see what new snacks I can try out?
  • MAKE UP ITEM: This is a bit of a sneak peak into next months (delayed) LookFantastic beauty box… I have been testing out the products and one of them is a lip balm. It has worked wonders on my lips in this harsh, mixed up weather conditions that we have been having in the UK. ‘DR. PAW PAW Original Balm’ – such a lip saver!
  • SKIN CARE PRODUCT: As I mentioned in last months faves, my skin had broken out pretty bad… and it hasn’t really gotten any better. I was struggling to find a skin care product that I have been loving, because it just feels like nothing is actually helping clear up my spots 😬. I am currently trying out a new product which a service assistant in Boots suggested would help? So maybe next month I will actually have a fave skin care product. I have a doctors appointment on the day that this blog is posted, so I will be asking for their advice too!
  • HAIR CARE ITEM: I’ve just hit the bottom of a hair oil that I have been using ALL month long. ‘Aussie – 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor’ has made my hair feel so glossy and smooth, especially at the ends! Not being big headed, but for someone who has dyed their hair quite a few times, my hair is in such great condition… Like honestly, its so soft and smooth. I hardly use heat because of my job, and even on the days off I don’t always have to use a straightener or curler to style it. I feel like this oil has kept my ends “tight”??? Can I say that? Does that make sense? πŸ˜‚ I just feel that my ends are kept together and haven’t split since using this.

The photo above is just one big memory of mine and K’s valentines adventure… (Which will be in a blog post next month!)

  • THING I HAVE DONE: There’s a couple of things that I have done this month that I would say are my fave… I have become a lot more organised which has made parts of my life a lot easier and less stressful. The smallest of things seem to really stress my brain out. One of my fave things that I have done is go to a SeaLife centre! And that’s something I have wanted to do for ages! Another thing is that I have been really trying to push myself out of my comfort zone a bit more, with personal situations and general things like doing this big blumming roundabout that I hate! And a central reservation that makes my anxiety hit the roof just thinking about it πŸ˜‚.
  • CANDLE: I have only done one other faves blog where I included a candle in the list. I’ve decided to have it in every favourites post now 😊. This month I have actually been loving candle melts with lavender tealights to heat up the melts. That counts as a candle right? Tesco do some of the most strongest smelling and cheapest candle melts. ‘Peach and Passion fruit’ has been my most used this month.

Have you had a fave scent this February?

L x

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