My last LOOK FANTASTIC Beauty Box

What’s in the box?

  • DR PAW PAW Original Clear Balm – This product is honestly one of the best balms I have ever used! It goes on like the texture of Vaseline and it’s not sticky at all! Who likes their hair getting stuck in their balm? Not meΒ πŸ˜‚. This is my fave combination for lip care.
  • SWELL Ultimate Protect and Renew Serum – When I first saw this product in the box, I didn’t actually think it was for hair… all of the hair oils I have used have always been in little pump bottles. So when I realised what this was, I was quite intrigued to see what the consistency would be like. Once the serum settled into my hair, it left it feeling smooth and not greasy. So that was great! The only thing that I didn’t like too much, was how the product felt on my hands. It was quite rubbery/stiff? Like I couldn’t rub my fingers together smoothly… I just ended up washing my hands before styling. When I applied heat to my hair the ends looked lovely and thick! Overall I have used this serum a couple of times now, so the negatives can’t be too much of a problem 😊
  • POPBAND Active Hair Ties – I mean what can I say about hair ties… Who doesn’t need them? When can you say that you own enough of them? πŸ˜‚ Everyone knows that you can never have too many hair bands! Does anyone remember the hair ties with the mental bars on it that holds it together? I hated them! SO when I discovered this style, with the actual tie, I become obsessed! You never get it caught in your hair, and you don’t get a couple of stands getting pulled out when you take the band out… It’s just the best.
  • VITAMASQUES Gold Dust Sheet Mask – Like hair ties, who doesn’t love a good face mask every now and then..? I’ve never been a fan of sheet masks if I’m honest. I have tried like one out, and I just didn’t really enjoy it that much. I like having the cream one’s dry and crack, then getting a warm flannel and slowly wiping it off, and having yourself a mini self-spa experience. But of courseee I still gave this one a go! I wouldn’t say that I looked my best with the sheet mask on, but when the time was up and it came off… my skin was like a babies bottom! πŸ˜‚ So soft and smooth. My pores felt so tight and pulled together, it was defo better than the one that I tried out before.
  • BELLAPIERRE Banana Setting Powder – I’ve only ever used pressed powders, so when I saw that this was in the last box, I was quite excited to test it out. After putting on my primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer… I thought it was time to try out the setting powder under my eyes and “bake”? (is that the right word??? I hope so…), my under eye bags and cover those creases right up. Not going to lieeee, using this product has actually transformed me to loose powders! 100% recommend. Towards the end of a day of wearing a full face of make up, my little creases under my eyes used to start showing as the make up wore off. BUT since using this setting powder they. Don’t. Show.
  • FIRST AID BEAUTY Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturiser – I have recently been to the doctors about my skin as I have had quite a bad breakout… So I’ve been trying to be really careful when it comes to choosing what products I’m putting on my face. I was a tad skeptical to test this moisturiser out because of how sensitive my skin has been, and the fact that I had never heard of it… But I’m actually so glad that I did! It’s like it fills in all of the “pot holes” (as I like to call any spots or sunken bits of skin), up. It gives me such a smooth surface to start my make up on.

I have really enjoyed trying out all 3 of the LookFantastic Beauty boxes that I got. I was introduced to many products that I had never heard of, and would most likely never have picked up in a shop… I have actually become a fan of the majority of what I received, and will be purchasing them again.

To anyone who wants to gain more knowledge in the beauty world, I would defo suggest trying out a beauty box subscription. As you’ve seen from the 3 that I have had, you just get so many different products for skin, hair, make up… You can find things that you’ll love, and things you’ll hate. But at least you only get that one small amount, and you don’t even pay the full price for that product… So overall your saving money and it’s just an all round win, win situation!

L x

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