Sealife Centre Dayout 🐠

I’ve wanted to go to a SeaLife centre for agessss, K knew that but we just never ended up going to one…

Valentines day was coming up and we had no idea what to do for it… It was on a week day so we only had the weekend to go out and do something. About a week before valentines we was talking about what to do… and K actually said “Do you wanna go to the sealife centre this weekend of valentines?” and of course I said yes!

As soon as we got inside the centre, K noticed little tunnels which led you into domes, that made it so you was some what inside of the tanks. He climbed into every single one 😂

I did end up climbing into one myself as well…

There was some really strange sea animals that I had never seen or heard of before!

The best fish that we saw has got to be the nemo’s! Well actually they’re called Clown Fish. Stupidly for yearrrsss I thought they were actually called “Nemo’s”… I blame the film ‘Finding Nemo’.

There were separate sections of the sealife centre for the penguins and seals. When walking around the seal area, there was an option to go into the ‘Seal Hospital’. It was quite sad walking through and seeing a couple of seals all on their own, and having such a sad look on their faces 😥. Above each care room there was a little explanation for why that seal was staying at the hospital. It was sad to learn what had happened to them, but at the same time it was a bit comforting being able to understand the situation.

Coming to the end of the Sealife centre we walked into a clear tunnel, which had loads of different sea animals swimming around us…

We then reached the GIFT SHOP! Not going to lie… we spent quite a while looking through all of the teddies and trying to pick the perfect one to have as a “memory teddy” for that day… K finally chose a mini shark. It was actually really cute! I wouldn’t usually go towards a shark teddy myself, but you know what… it was sweet that he chose it. (I know he secretly loved it and wanted it for himself anyway, haha! 😂).

Of course to end the day we had to be gushey and take a selfie!

L x

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