March Faves 🌺


First of let start this blog by saying, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL YOU AMAZING MUMMAS OUT THERE!

I’ve been looking forward to my March favourite’s blog so much! This month I have been testing out some new products, and I’ve had some amazing results 😊.

Let’s just dive straight in so that I can share all of the items that I have been loving with you guys!

My March Favourites:

  • SONG: I am clueless to how many times that I’ve listened to this song… ‘So Am I’ by Ava Max. It’s so addictive and catchy!
  • BOOK: Whenever we used to go on family holidays when I was younger, my mum would always take a book with her to read. I remember continuously asking to read them too, but she said when I reach a certain age I can. Now I never understood that at the time. Now I have hit the age where it would be okay, she has given me a bunch of books! Reading them I can see why she wanted to wait a few years… they’re all true stories and hold the harsh reality of what happened to the people in the books. I absolutely love reading these kind of books, I just find it so interesting getting to read about what happened… So my fave book this month is ‘Don’t tell mummy’ by Toni Maguire.
  • MOVIE/SHOW: A bit like reading, I love a good documentary series, true story sort of thing… Earlier this month I got introduced to the series – ‘Making a murderer’. I think I watched both series in just a couple of days! It was so addictive! And I’m still keeping up with all of the court cases… on Twitter because it’s all still going on and hasn’t come to a conclusion yet! It’s so frustrating but just so good! I defo recommend giving it ago, because I didn’t think I would be that into it, but now look at me!
  • SOCIAL MEDIA/GAME: Not every month I actually have a fave social media, so I thought I would switch it up a little bit and chose between a game orrrr a social. This might be totally childish but I’m totally obsessed with this farm game on Xbox – ‘Farm Together’. You have to do all the farming things and work through different weathers, and only certain crops can grow so sales become harder… It’s really sad but I generally enjoy it so much, haha! 😂
  • QUOTE: “Before you give up, think about why you held on for so long”.
  • SNACK: Literally anything in a wrap! Especially houmous with salad and a dash of salad cream, Mmmm 😍.
  • MAKE UP ITEM: I recently thought I would try out ‘Birch Box’. My first one came the other month and I got quite a few different things that I liked, but my fave was this beautiful eye shadow palette and this amazing make up brush. The palette is just so pigmented and it’s full of all of my favourite shades. And the brush… OMG it just blends so god damn well! Like it’s so gentle and fluffy and everything just goes on so smoothly.
  • SKIN CARE PRODUCT: In last months favourites I mentioned that the doctor gave me some meds for my skin. I was only allowed to use it for 2 weeks, and it has worked wonders! I didn’t really want to include that as one of my faves, because you can’t just go pick that up yourselves. So after the 2 weeks ended I still needed something for my skin… A TV advert came up for ‘Proactiv skin care’, and my mum said I just have to give it ago. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and my skin has been very healthy and glowey since!
  • HAIR CARE ITEM: Not going to lie… but I really miss my long hair! I got it cut shoulder length last summer and I feel like it’s taking ages to grow long again. I went on the hunt for some hair products to help it grow. I saw some items on sale and thought “why the hell not test it out?!?” So I brought them, and then I ran out because it was so amazing, and now I’m on my second lot. Which means they had to be included in my faves! – Elvive Dream Lengths Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • CANDLE: My boyfriend and I needed to pop to IKEA the other day for some furniture for his bedroom. We was only meant to com out with a bed side, but I came out with some new candles and few other things too… I was so shocked with how strong the scent of there ‘Vanilla Ice cream’ candles was! I really would like to go back and buy a bulk load of them 😊. Every time I walk into my room when its lit, I just get the nicest waft of vanilla!

This photo is a little bit of a sneak peak into a blog post for next month, so keep an eye out for that!


March is a month full of many things for me… One being my mums, nans and aunties birthday, mothers day AND mine and K’s 2 year anniversary ❤. There are so many things that I have enjoyed this month, but one of my faves has got to be going away to Brighton with K. We had a few issues with the hotel and over night situation when we got there, but once that was all sorted, we had a lovely time and created the most amazing memories.

How has March treated you?

L x


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