A sleepover in Brighton πŸ’€

For K and I’s 2 year anniversary we wasn’t too sure what to do… after some thought we decided on spending the night in Brighton and going on a BIG adventure.

We actually had quite a bit of an issue when we first arrived.
I don’t want to go on and on about how disappointed, angry and upset we was about the whole situation… I wanna keep this blog positive and focus on the good things that happened in Brighton! But I will just highlight what went down!

It took us about 15 minutes to actually find the hotel that we was originally staying at… The outside looked nothing like the pictures! As soon as we stepped foot into the room that we was sent to, K insisted that I picked my bags straight back up as we will be going back out the broken hotel doors, and booking a room somewhere else.

Bit of a side note… But NGL I was so impressed with K and how he took care of the situation and took control. As a couple we have never really had a problem like this. I’m so happy that I was taken care of 😊. If I was to ever be put in that sort of situation myself, I’d get all anxious and clam up. This thing happens where I feel like I have a ball stuck in my throat and I can’t get my words out. I always try to quietly cough so I can speak, but it just fails… So it’s great having a boyfriend that will sort issues out and do all of the talking πŸ˜‚.

ANYWAYSSS… Our dinner got cancelled as it took way too long to sort out the poopey situation, so we snuck a McDonalds into the hotel room as I think we deserved to just relax and stuff our faces!

The next day we woke up and decided to “make the most of today”, enjoy the hours that we had left and just forget about the night before.

We went for a lovely stroll through the Brighton streets, searching for a cute cafe to have some breakfast. We found a look-a-like of “Jenny’s”. Which is on of our fave brunch restaurants. So we defo started our morning off with a tummy full of delicious food.

After brekkie we headed out to the pier 😊. It wasn’t the most sunniest of days, but it was better than rain!

Walking up the pier towards the arcades we made friends with a seagull, and saw some crazy men walking into the freezing sea for a swim… They must have been totally bonkers! πŸ˜‚.

We reached the arcade and had ago a few games. Sadly we had no luck whats so ever with anything we played… But it was still a load of fun πŸ˜†.

Walking back down to the beach, I noticed how windy it was and saw the waves crashing. I had to stop and get a couple of photos… I would never stand the other side of that wall, would you?

Once we came back to the beginning of the pier, we decided to have a lovely walk along the beach. I got some gorgeous photos of the landscape, including the old pier.

When we got back to the car, I googled for something that we could do to finish our adventure in Brighton, and we found a glow in the dark mini golf place! I didn’t manage to take any photos because there was SO many people around and kids party’s, I didn’t want to draw loads of attention to myself by using the flash πŸ˜‚. But I will tell you that it was brilliant! And I actually WON! I never ever win at mini golf, but for once I did!

L x

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