Farm days & self-love 🐑

I know… I’ve been gone a little while. I won’t lie, I’ve been up to so many blog worthy things, but sometimes in life every one needs some self-love & time out.

I had a lot on my mind that I needed to figure out, have some time away from writing and being in the routine that I had going. Don’t get me wrong routine isn’t a bad thing, but it’s also not a bad thing to take a step out of it too!

Many days I have spent enjoy some me time, pampering with hair and face masks, hanging out with close friends and trying out new things.

I don’t want to go on too long talking about why I haven’t been posting, but let’s just say that I’M BACK! And jump right in talking about the farm that I visited the other day 😊.

A couple of weeks ago it was Easter, and what better way to celebrate than going to a cute little farm! If you know me, then you know that this is the most perfect date I could be taken on. I’m so obsessed with sheep that I even have a tattoo of one on me!

I think that Easter week was possibly one of the most hottest weeks of the year so far! It was such a gorgeous day to be outside, seeing all of the animals with beautiful blue skies.

Here’s a sheep and goat montage as they were my absolute favourite part of the day.

The next best thing, that K would probably agree with being so great, was the baby goats that kept head butting one another 😂.

After a while we felt a bit brave and fed a few animals too!

Of course there was lots of other animals at the farm…

We had such a lovely day 😆. I would defo recommend going to a farm for a cute date, or a family day out with a picnic too!

L x

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