A week off work & a NEW PET!

I work in a school, so I get quite a bit of time off work.

Sometimes I like to be really busy in the holidays, plan lots of things and make sure I have something to do every day. But work can be tough at times, so having some time off doing NOTHING, is just what I need!

In May there is a holiday week called ‘Whit week’. I usually like to completely relax in that week because when we go back, that next term is the longest of the school year.

I didn’t plan to do anything this past break off work; go visit my parents on their little fishing trip that they went on, bake a few goodies… and that’s about it.

I’ve wanted to share some news with you for quite some time! I just needed to make sure everything was 100%, before getting too excited. And now the time has finally come to share with you… that we adopted another dog πŸ˜†. My family trialed her out and had a long weekend to decide if she was right for our family, and if we was right for her too.

It didn’t take us long to make our decision. It was pretty instant, I don’t think any of us could have said no TBH!

Meet Olive 🐢

She is the sweetest little dog that I have ever met! We are still to learn about her past, but I can say for sure that she will have the most amazing present and future 😊. Olive has fit in so well, she is very healthy and extremely playful… she can literally go for hours running back and fourth with a toy.

Before we even knew about the little dog, my parents had already booked a mini fishing trip with Treacle (our other dog). When Olive came into the picture, they couldn’t just leave her out… so they brought her along on their adventure too.

K and I went down on the Monday of mum and dads trip to see how they we’re getting on, and how the doggies we’re doing as well.

It wasn’t the most sunniest of days, but they certainly didn’t let that ruin their time away!

The place that they stayed at was very cute, cosy and full of wild life 🐝.

A couple of swans didn’t seem as happy as all of the other animals… A stray swan from another lake flew down and tried to make a home on the same lake. Of course this didn’t end too well, and the swans who “owned” the lake had to scare him off! It wasn’t the most loveliest of things to watch, but luckily no bird’s got hurt! He just chased the baddie off the water and carried on with it’s day.

My parents defo enjoyed themselves, doing nothing but relaxing and having a fun time.

As I mentioned earlier, Olive can play for hours on end with her toys. I tried my hardest to get an action shot, but she just doesn’t stop moving!

Treacle had a great couple of days as well, even though she squints all of the time because the sunlight’s too harsh for her now… I know she’s smiling underneath! Watching her make friends and bond with the new doggie, has been beautiful. She’s like an older sister to Olive, protecting her, loving her but also showing her who’s boss at times too.

Before heading home we sat around the fishing rods and had a cup of tea, some strawberries and scoffed the yummy homemade muffins that I made ❀.

L x

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