Caravaning in Ingoldmells 🏖

Camping is one of my favourite things!

K’s family booked a weekend away in Ingoldmells agesss ago! We have all been so pumped up for a fun filled weekend with everyone. I’ve never gone away camping with more than my boyfriends parents and his brother with his girlfriend too, so the build up for this trip has been so exciting!

I have no idea what’s going on with the weather this year… It’s nearly the middle of June and from the minute I wake up, to the minute I go to sleep, it has been non stop raining. And not just a bit of drip every now and then…. it’s been proper chucking it down 😕. But we tried our hardest to not let the weather ruin every minute of the weekend away.

In between the rain and wind, we managed to spend a day down the Skeggy market and in the arcades. Overall that day, I spent way too many 2p’s and won NO prizes! I have the best of luck…

It wasn’t just the rain that tried to ruin the trip… my last WISDOM TOOTH STARTED TO COME THROUGH! I have honestly never been in so much pain before. It was worst than getting my ribs tattooed. It ached and pained the whole of the trip, I pretty much just lived off jelly 😂.

On the Saturday, which was our one full day of the trip, where we woke up in the caravan and went to sleep in it too, the rain didn’t stop pouring all day. We did go out to the Skeggy market in the morning and stayed there for as long as we could… but after a couple of hours some of us decided to go swimming in the pool at the caravan site. It was honestly one of the best decisions we made that day! I had the greatest time, messing about with blow up balls and floaties 😂. I am an adult I swear…

Luckily on the last day of our time in Ingoldmells my tooth pain started to calm down, and the sun decided to show itself! It was so annoying that most of the holiday I was in pain, but I was so happy to finally be able to join in properly, and have a laugh for at least one day out of the 3.

I became a little photographer to some of K’s family, capturing a couple of lovely memorable moments for them!

It was so good to finish the mini holiday on a high with a little bit of beautiful sunny weather 😊.

L x

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