Time to get back to PHOGGING!

Summer is nearly over, which means it’s time to get back to work for me and the rest of you who work in term time.

I know, I knowww… I haven’t posed in a couple of months. I don’t really have a great reason as to why I’ve been on the low with blogging, I’ve been wanting to have a break from my camera, laptop and social media… I just wanted to enjoy whatever I had planned in my life and not think of getting my camera or making notes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing and taking photos. I was just having trouble with work and my own personal “things”… but I AM BACK AND I’M GOING TO REALLY GET INTO MY PHOGG AGAIN!

This summer break has gone by so quick. I have been up to quite a few things that I’m going to share with you 😊.

The beginning of summer was my 20th birthday! We celebrated by having a scrumptious picnic at Wickstead Park. It was so simple and relaxing, but also so much fun! I had many laughs and got soaked on quite a few rides. Thanks mum, dad and K for making me feel so special ❤.

I never thought I would ever go to a football game… but having a boyfriend and dad who non-stop talk about football has made me get quite into it.

My boyfriends dad gets ticket to most Liverpool games, and this one came up the day after my birthday. Of course K wanted to go, but he said he didn’t just want to ditch me the day after my birthday so he didn’t mind not going. But I couldn’t spoil the fun so I gave him a little deal “You can only go if I can come along too?”, which honestly made him the happiest man alive 😂. So the morning after my 20th we headed to Wembly to watch my first ever football game!

I won’t lie, I really did enjoy myself! I went through waves of emotions, up and down in my seat, screaming and booing… It was such a great experience.

One of my birthday presents from K was a night away at Whittlebury Park. I loveee going there! I’ve only been a few times, it’s such a lovely and relaxing way to escape from everything. Its weird but you somewhat force yourself to relax, you have no phone as you are in water most of the time and only have each other to talk to, which is literally such a good thing!

There is such a variety of pools and rooms that you can go in to get the full spa experience. I wish I could go once a month, it would really help you physically with your skin… and mentally too 😊.

A couple of days after our stay at the spa, K’s parents and the two of us headed to Mablethorpe for another camping trip, but sadly the last one for 2019 😥.

The weather this summer has been dreadful! You’d think is would be gorgeous sun, but this year is has been on and off with rain… Luckily while we was away the sun showed itself quite a lot.

We had a lot of fun down on the beach, walking around the streets in Mablethorpe and playing some crazy golf! I totallllyyy wonnnn.

After a very competitive game of golf we found a weird swing thing, where two of you have to hold on each end and as one person goes up, the other goes down and vice versa. It was such a laugh, even though it pulled your arms a little bit.

The site that we stayed on had a lot of lakes full of fish, but also some really friendly ducks!

Sadly our long weekend away caravaning had to come to an end… But right around the corner was my 4th tattoo 😆. I booked it quite a few months ago now, and the anticipation had come to a stop as the next morning I headed to the studio.

Not going to lie, this one was 100% the most painful tattoo that I have had. I really didn’t think that this one would hurt, as I have had my ribs done and was told that, that one would be really painful. But surprisingly it wasn’t… So I thought I would fight through this one like I did with my ribs. NOPE, defo DID hurt! But it was 101% worth it, I love it!

I have been thinking of possibly doing a blog about my tattoos and the experience for each one? Let me know what you think of that idea 😊.

My parents left for America to go stay with my auntie while I was away camping, so I had a parent free home for about 2 weeks. I did enjoy some parts of that; you know the freedom of doing what ever you want, and to be honest the house cleaning. I oddly really like cleaning the house, doing the washing, hanging it out to dry and then ironing it… Is that weird? Hay at least I know I’ll be great when it comes to moving out one day.

I’m so glad that my parents finally came home, as the pets started going crazy without them around. Especially our new dog ‘Olive’. Did I mention before that we adopted a rescue doggy? She’s an absolute treasure ❤🐶.

I think it’s time that I bring this post to an end… I may have blabbered on a bit, but I have so much to update you on! Guess you’ll have to keep an eye out for more phogg post’s, to see what else I get up to 😆.

L x

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