a lil’DIY

There’s no doubt that I am addicted to plants, especially cacti!

My collection has gotten a tad too big, and some of my plants had started out growing their pots. So I spent an afternoon re-potting a number of my cacti.

At first I was only going to be re-potting 2 of my plants that I got for my birthday. I didn’t have any spare pots lying around, so I done a little bit of research in Pinterest and found this cute idea to re-use candle jars for plant homes… I just had to give this a go!

Once I burnt out two of my candles, the jars had a thin layer of wax left in them. Ages ago, and I mean ages ago like a couple of years ago… I read up something about putting a candle in the freezer when you want to get the left over wax out of it? It’s meant to just ping off and leave the pot waxless.

So after a couple of hours went by I got them out of the freezer, got a skewer and simply poked the wax out. It blew my mind how easy the wax just popped off! I then cleaned the jars out and set myself up to pot my new plants.

I got myself a pair of gardening gloves, a little shovel and a handle full of pebbles in the bottom of both jars, so that the plants have a bit of a draining system.

I filled the jars up with enough soil so that the cacti can be all snug and happy šŸ˜Š. I gently picked up one of the plants and as I was wiggling it out of its original pot, I found out that the roots we’re HUGE! And no way will either of them fit in the candle jars that I had…

SO, I had to do some rummaging around to find more pots that were big enough for my 2 plants. My neighbor heard that I was hunting for some pots, and she found the perfect one in her garden for the biggest plant which was amazing! And then my mum found another perfect sized one for the other plant that I had too!

I couldn’t let the 2 jars go to waist so I potted 2 cactuses that I had already which we’re defo growing out of their small pots, and gave them a new home. As well as many other plants that needed a new pot.

Quite a few months ago one of my cacti “hands” broke off, so I planted it right next to the original plant hoping it would grow. It slowly grew a little hand which I also re-potted for my mum as she thought it was really cute.

What’s your favourite type of plant? Mine is actually peony, but I just adore cacti so much too!

L x

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