BLOGMAS 1 – Learning new things, a new career & new ideas.

It’s been a while… but I’m back and it’s about time I sorted out my schedule in life, and get back to doing the things that I love.

To kick of my come back to blogging, I decided to do blogmas this year! I’ve been so excited making notes and planning the 25 blogmas posts, that I’m going to write. I feel like the blogging fire has sparked and re-lit in my brain.

For my 1st blogmas I just wanted to do a chatty catch up with you. Update you on my life, whats happened and where I’ve been.

I have wanted to write a blog for soooo long, it’s something that is a part of who I am and what I love doing. I really feel myself when I write 😊, everything just blurts out. I have just had so many changes in my life the past few months, and it’s taken over pretty much everything.

I got a new job! Well done me! Not to be big headed or anything, but I am really proud of myself, I didn’t think I was going to be able to take myself out of working term time and with my parents for a couple more years.

Changing my job has had such a HUGE impact on my life!

Moving on and into a new career path has come with plenty of positives, but also a bunch of negatives 🙁. I’ve gone from working 5 days a week with my mum, and living with her 7 days a week… to working without her somewhere new 5 days a week, including weekend shifts and only seeing her some evenings, and odd weekends.

It’s been hard, and I’m still learning ways to deal with the change. But I do truly think that it was good for me to adventure out on my own, and try new things.

I’m learning to really enjoy my days off, get motivated and fill them with lots of things to do. I feel like my life is becoming a lot more fuller, if that makes sense 😆.

At times I am finding myself having to hold back the anxiety and really push myself to do new tasks in my career, that I wouldn’t usually do. The majority of those times I feel so much better about myself, but some times I have found myself to break a little bit and need some time out. AND that’s ok! It’s fine to need a little breather – I’m learning that too.

Changing my career path has moved a lot of things around in my life, and I’m still in the process of figuring out a new routine for myself. I will get there over time, and I will get back to more phogging!

Christmas is only 24 days away now, I don’t think I can hold back my excitement anymore. I just feel like Christmas 2019 is going to be amazing and cosy and all things great!

Keep an eye out for blogmas 2 tomorrow!

L x

2 thoughts on “BLOGMAS 1 – Learning new things, a new career & new ideas.

  1. Yay! I’m glad you like your new job. I see my mom a few days a week myself she’s my best friend. Keep pushing through that anxiety, it’s hard but you can do. I’ve been there and know it stinks. Congratulations on everything.


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