BLOGMAS 2 – My December bucket list

There is always a bunch of things that I would like to accomplish in the month of December. It’s a month that I like to pack out with fun things, personal things and some normal things.

I wanted to share my list with you this year, so I can go through it throughout the month and check off what I get up to 😊.

My bucket list for December;

  • Watch all of my favourite Christmas movies.
  • Go to a Christmas market! I’ve never actually been to one before, and for the past couple of years I have said that I will go to one… but never do.
  • Put up my families tree with my mum ❤️. This is probably in my top 3 things that I look forward to at Christmas time.
  • Finish all of my presents and cards before the big day.
  • Go on a Crimbo themed date night.
  • Bake lots of Christmas goodies.
  • Read a Christmas book. I haven’t read a book in months, I used to read every night… This is one thing that I will defo be getting back into and ticking of this list!
  • Plan upcoming blogs for beyond December and sort out a New Years schedule.
  • Drink a glass of egg nog with my parents on Christmas Eve.
  • Wrap a bunch of Christmas presents for my pets, so they can join in too 🐾.
  • Have a Christmas pamper evening.
  • Watch ‘The Snowman’ Christmas Eve – this is a tradition for my mum and I.

I think that’s everything… Let me know what your must do’s are for December!

Have you had your advent calendar treat today?

I’ll be back tomorrow with blogmas #3!

L x

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