Blogmas 3 – a day full of bits and bobs.

Today has been my first day off where I’ve have spent it mostly on my own. Usually my boyfriend has been off the same days as me, so I would hang out with him, or a friend…

I didn’t really have any plans when I woke up, just a little list of bits and bobs that needed to be done.

I was woken up with a call from my mum, saying that the boiler man will be coming between 9am and 1pm, Our hot water and heating had gone down over night… It had just gone half 8 when I got that call, so I decided to get up and get on with my list.

While I was waiting for British Gas, I went in the garden with my camera to get some frosty photos. This is probably my most fave time of the year for photos. Capturing that crunch and crisp of winter in a photo is the best!

I also let our chicken – Custard, out to play for a while. Sadly her older sister passed away yesterday so I wanted to make sure she had some company today!

The boiler man soon arrived, so I just hung out with the 2 dogs and our cat until he fixed what was wrong.

I then gave my brother a lift from a car garage back to home, and started making some coco sugar cookies. My boyfriend needed a little cheering up today, and I know that he loves my baked goodies. So I made some ready for when we meet up later on in the afternoon.

While my cookies were in the oven, I cleaned out my bunny’s home. He loves fresh bedding and hunting out all of the treats that I hide in the new hay.

A little later I picked K up and brought him back to mine for the evening. We enjoyed a yummy chinese and then headed up to bed to watch the latest Avengers, but we have actually ended up watching football, as K’s team is on right now… The things I put up with for love, haha! He has promised me that once I’ve posted today’s blog, we will put the film on…

I’m off to watch Avengers now, totally not nibbling on another cookie as I’m finishing off blogmas #3…

Be back tomorrow,

L x

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