Blogmas 5 – It’s beginning to look a lot like…

…. CHRISTMAS! My parents finally let me put the tree up! I finished work at 8pm, so I only managed to complete the tree and get a few Crimbo bits out. BUTTT I still did it! Not as early as I would like, but it’s finally out and decorated!

I’m a massive Christmas lover, if you couldn’t tell already. This blog post is literally going to be dedicated to photos of our family Christmas tree.

By the time I finished it was about half 10 at night, so I only got a few photos on my phone.

Our tree isn’t the most “planned” or “stylish” to some people… But you know what, it’s perfect to our family and we love it. It’s full of old and new things, and each decoration brings back some sort of memory ❤️.

I also put out a cute glowing snowman that we have had the past few years, and the most amazing snow globe that my mum brought the other week. I am obsessed with snow globes!

Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?

Be back with blogmas 6 tomorrow!

L x

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