Blogmas 8 – all the little things.

My mum completely finished making the house ready for Christmas. YAYYY!

It’s now time for the presents that I have been hiding away in my room, to come out and go under the tree.

On my lunch break I came home and took a couple photos of my favourite christmas decorations.

I’m not sure how long we have had this next one, but it has been my on-going fave for a few years now. It’s an electric snowglobe! When you press the switch the snow gets blown about for a couple of minutes. It’s so magical to me 😊.

We’ve had a life size Santa since I can remember… Every time he gets brought out of the loft I think he brings Christmas down with him. It’s like we all know it’s defo Christmas in our house when we see him standing in the dining room. I’m realising how weird this might sound… 😂

My family has had this traditional clock that plays different Christmas tunes on the hour. It also counts down the days till Christmas!

Do you have any decorations that come out every Christmas?

I’ll be back tomorrow!

L x

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