Blogmas 9 – Prepping for Christmas Eve…

Do you do anything on Christmas Eve? Like a little traditional family thing? Or have a Crimbo film binge night???

For quite a few years now I have done a Christmas Eve box for my mum. It’s just something little to get her all excited for Christmas Day.

Growing up my mum and dad tried so hard, and succeeded with making Christmas Eve so special for my brother and I. I’m now at the age where it’s time to swap, and make their Christmas Eve really special instead.

It makes me so happy to see the excitement grow on my mums face on Christmas Eve, when she opens her box of little goodies.

I know that my mum reads my blogs… hi mum! 😊 So I’m not going to include what I’ve got for her this year, obviously. I’m just going to make a list of a couple ideas for you, in case this inspires you to make a Christmas Eve box for someone this year.

My Christmas Eve box ideas!


  • A fancy hot chocolate flavour, i.e. mint or salted Carmel…
  • A little bag of marshmallows for the hot chocolate.
  • Christmas mug.
  • Fluffy socks.
  • Pyjamas or a fluffy hoodie… just a cosy item of clothing for them to snuggle up into.
  • Christmas scented candle.


  • Hand puzzles – like wooden blocks or metal pieces, that you have to figure out how to separate? Please tell me you know what I’m on about?! 😂
  • Christmas themed loo roll.
  • A mini game to play that night.
  • Christmas joke book.
  • Something for them to make, like a little Christmas Eve DIY. For example – a bauble making set.


  • Warming face mask.
  • Eye mask.
  • Christmas scented lip balm.
  • nail file set.
  • Christmas themed hand cream.
  • Candle melts and holder.
  • Bath bomb.

And then the finish off their pamper night…

  • either a book for them to start reading or a Crimbo/romcom film you know they will love.

You don’t even have to do this for Christmas Eve, it’s also a great idea for friends and family too!

I love gift boxes so much. From the outside when the box is wrapped up it looks like one present, and then when they open it up they get surprised with a bunch of gifts 😊.

Let me know if this has helped you out at all, and if you end up making a box for someone as well!

L x

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