I’ve been waiting for a certain house to put up and to turn on their Christmas lights for ages!

The other night k and I drove to the house and the lights wernt on, we was gutted… but tonight we drove by and THEY WERE ON! Just look at it!

The whole house is covered in lights, I would love my house to look like this for Christmas. I just wouldn’t want the electricity bill 😂.

On the left of the house in the middle of the downstairs window, you can see a Santa Claus, righttt??? He moves around and pretends to put presents down, and waves! I think this is actually amazing, is that just me?

I have been looking for a house like this for ages… I’ve been so disappointed with the houses around my street this year. Only about 2 or 3 are somewhat decorated, can you believe that? When I move out I’m going to plan to look for a house around December so I can see if there’s any Christmas spirit or not! 🎅🏻😂. K thinks I’m Christmas crazy…

What’s your street like for Christmas?!

L x

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