Blogmas 12 & 13 – Card making and feeling proud!

The past 3 years, I have made cards for my loved ones at Christmas.

Hand made cards are like a gift itself… It’s something you can put a lot of effort into, and make it very special.

There’s 3 different ways that I like to design my Christmas card’s;

1. A Christmassy card background.

2. Tissue paper background with some Christmassy tape for a border.

3. Bits of Christmassy paper cut up and stuck on the card at random.

It’s pretty simple, but they just look so cute and festive!

I love hand writing on the front of the cards as well. It just completes them, and finishes them off lovely.

I still have a few more cards to complete but I’m almost there ☺️. I’ve only got one more day off work next week, and then the next time that I’m off is Christmas… So fingers crossed I’ll have all of my presents and cards finished by then.

I know this is completely changing subject… but for a while now I have been thinking of getting my nose pierced, but just not had the balls to do it TBH. I just worry too much about what other people think and if something goes wrong.

I had my last day off with K yesterday before Christmas, so we went out shopping. I woke up feeling very positive and in a very motivational mood. We had our breakfast and I decide “today’s going to be the day I get my nose done!”.

So we headed into town, done a little bit of shopping and then I DONE IT! This might not be a biggy to some, but I was so proud of myself 😆. I braved it out, and it was worth it! I love it.

I couldn’t, and still can’t believe how much the actual piercing part didn’t hurt. I expected it to be quite painful, but I was wrong. Thank god!

Do you do any little DIY’s at Christmas time?

L x

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