Blogmas 14 – Finding the Christmas spirit 🎅🏻

Working in retail I hear a lot of strangers conversations about Christmas and how they feel like it’s not even December…

Whenever I’m on till after completing someone’s dog, I wish them a good Christmas and you’d think they would wish me one too… The majority of people actually just say “it really doesn’t feel like Christmas is right around the corner”… or something similar.

If your feeling like some of the customers that I serve, here’s a little list of things that I do this time of year to get me in the Christmas spirit 😊.

  • If your driving, wrapping presents or doing something where it can be a bit quite… shove on a Christmas album! My go to for driving right now is ‘Mariah Carey – Merry Christmas’.
  • Write yourself a Christmas bucket list to finish between the 1st – 25th of December, to keep you busy with Christmassy things.
  • Don’t leave Christmas decorations to the last minute! Get them out and up on the 1st or ASAP you can in December. Having Christmas stuff around you will remind you what time of year it is, and fill your house with the Christmas spirit.
  • Bake Crimbo cookies.
  • Plan your Christmas Day outfit. Even if it’s just pj’s… get them hanging up ready with some cosy slippers underneath waiting for Christmas morning!
  • Plan an entire evening for wrapping. Put some candles on, a Christmas film or music and get right into it.
  • Buy Christmas smelling candles so your house smells of the Christmas spirit!
  • Something really simple, and sadly something that I do… buy a couple of sets of Christmas socks, so that every time you put them on and take your shoes off it will just make you chuckle and think of Christmas.
  • Get some Christmas mugs, glasses, plates, bowls… that you only bring out this time of year.

I know some of the things in this list above seem a little silly or extra? But you know what, it really works. Doing a couple of simple things can really kick start your Christmas mood.

I hope this helps some of you who are struggling to get yourself all Christmassy!

L x

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